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An Unforgettable Man by Penny Jordan
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Oct 23, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: harlequin-silhouette

Heroine gets hired by wealthy businessman Hero to oversee his household matters after much personal questioning. Heroine needs this high-paying job to pay for her grandmother's much-needed heart surgery. Hero gives her a check for the operation as part of her 2-year work contract with him. Heroine feels niggles of discomfort plus some vague memories re: Hero but takes the job anyway for her grandmother's sake. It's during 1 of the times when Hero comes on to her sexually that she puts the pieces together. Hero is actually the young man she almost made love with at age 16 when her manipulative stepsister sent her over to cancel her stepsister's rendezvous with Hero. But heroine ends up succumbing to Hero's passionate caresses & kisses until they were caught by her stepsister & stepfather. Heroine informs Hero of what she remembered but realized that he knew who she was all along during her job interview. He blackmails her to be his lover until the time he thinks that her debt for her grandmother's surgery is paid in full. What will heroine decide?

This book has Jordan's classic emotionally-involving & dramatic writing. It was angtsy & smooth-flowing & made it a fast read. My big problem with this book was the Hero. I detested his vengeful cruelty towards heroine. He basically raped her by not heeding her "no"s & treated her like a whore & said so himself. Her body may have been turned-on by him sexually but her words & her mind clearly conveyed her resistance to him. His obsession towards her was not so much b/c he thought she was so irresistible. It was more about avenging his hurt pride for the past. He was so cruel that he blackmailed her to be his lover by threatening to inform her grandmother who just had heart surgery about where her surgery money came from. He did not grovel enough for his misdeed in my opinion & heroine let him off too easily. I wasn't convinced that he fell in love with her. Finding out the truth about what happened in the past & who heroine really is struck heavily at his conscience. The truth took away all his justifications for his cruel behaviors towards her. I think that if heroine doesn't get a backbone & let him continue to run over her in their marriage then he is likely to take advantage of her again.

Not recommending this due to Hero's emotional & sexual cruelty to heroine & lack of his redemption.

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