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Shotgun Gravy by Chuck Wendig
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Jan 14, 12

really liked it
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Read from October 23 to 29, 2011

If you are not already an avid reader of Chuck Wendig's then you seriously need to reevaluate your life. If you like to write, he has some of the best writing advice you can find on these here interwebs. If you're a gamer, he posts about those quite often. If you like babies, he has one of those too. Hell, if you just like to laugh, your time with him will not be wasted. Be warned though, if you're not a fan of foul language and violent imagery, that would be a valid excuse to not click the link I'm about to throw up.

Shotgun Gravy is a young adult novella in the (slightly more proactive) spirit of the It Gets Better Project.* Atlanta Burns is very similar to your typical angst ridden teenage girl. She differs from that model by, rather than endlessly whining about her problems, getting up and doing something about them. Inspired by her actions, a couple of her classmates who have been endlessly whining about their problems decide to get up and pay Atlanta to do something about them. It's all very touching.

Seriously though, it really was touching. Or whatever. Emotions. Blah. I'm having trouble figuring out how to word this without giving away any plot points. This being a novella and therefore on the shorter side, I expected it to be a quick read. It wasn't at all. It was really difficult to read actually, because this shit actually happens. It's disgusting that anyone should have to go through these things. When I figured out what was really going on, I had to put it down and just brood for a while. Sulk even.**

I don't really even have anything else to say about this book except read it now. Right now. I'll wait.

*Cut down on the optimism a bit and replace youtube with a shotgun, and it's basically the same thing.
**But not cry, because I'm way too tough and manly for that. Do you know how many push-ups I can do?***
***None, actually.

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