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Justin Fisher Declares War! by James Preller
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Oct 23, 11

bookshelves: guys-read, light, life, j, not-graphic

Justin Fisher is a triumph of immaturity. Not that he realizes it, because he lacks the maturity to do so. No, Justin sees himself as the class clown, filling a necessary role for the good of others (laughter) and to fit in so he doesn't get mocked. Unfortunately, fifth grade is turning out to be a bigger challenge than any grade before. For one thing, his teacher has absolutely no sense of humor. For another, none of his classmates seem to find humor in his antics anymore. Things are wrong in fifth grade, and Justin is going to have to figure out what before life becomes unbearably dull (and lonely).

But fifth grade was different. Mr. Tripp was all about RULES and RESPECT and a bunch of other R words that Justin couldn't remember. He was no fun at all. So the two of them stood in opposition, facing off like wrestlers before a match. Justin was relentless, Mr. Tripp unyielding. Whatever Justin did, Tripp told him not to do. And the more Justin heard "No," the more he thought, "Yes, yes, yes!"

Could he drive his teacher insane? Justin wasn't sure. But it was worth a try.

Another word caught in Justin's brain, the way a fishing hook accidentally snags a finger. The word?

And by the third week of school, the war had been on--even if Mr. Tripp hadn't known it.

There were a million ways to bug a teacher, and most of them came naturally to Justin. He talked when Mr. Tripp talked. He called out answers without raising his hand. He constantly dropped things--books, pencils, erasers, bags of popcorn, juice boxes. He fell off chairs, forgot his homework, didn't listen to directions, and was gleefully pesky to substitute teachers. It was all easy for Justin, effortless.

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