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How to Make Love Like a Porn Star by Jenna Jameson
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May 21, 2008

it was ok
Read in July, 2008

Okay. Well. It was interesting. What else can I say about this book? I found myself frustrated because it felt like it was written by, well, someone who never quite took school as a priority and started stripping and having sex on film for money. Which makes Jenna Jameson sound worse than I think she actually is, but... that's how the book reads.

The story of her life is a bit predictable with the standard troubled childhood and life of trials and hardships, but to Jenna's credit, she does admit in the book that she realizes that as much as she doesn't want her story to be THAT story - that maybe she would have ended up on the same path without the things she went through and that other people have been through the same drama and wound up as doctors so really, her past is inconsequential.

It's an interesting read, but I wish I hadn't shelled out the money it cost me for the hardcover copy. I can't even read it in public because of all the nekkid pictures!

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message 1: by Carly-Ann (new)

Carly-Ann Rigby Now this I am curious about... you must let me know what it's like and whether it's worth picking up.

Ginny I strongly disagree and think that only a person who might be jealous if her looks and success would come up with reviews such as this one. It does not sound like it was written by someone who didn't take school seriously so just decided one day to strip and have sex for money. It sounds like it was written by a woman who struggled to gain independence and succeeded in the end. It doesn't seem as if you actually read this book before you wrote a review about it. Even though the situations are different from the average woman the deep root of the main struggle is the same. If you read the book, you'd see that.

Courtney That's the beauty of a book review - it's a personal opinion and some people will love one book while others not so much. I did actually read the book - slogged through it even. I don't disagree that she struggled to gain independence or even that she got it in the end- I just didn't like the book.

Only a person who might be jealous of her looks and success would come up with a review like this one? And maybe only a super fan with blinders on would attack someone's review when they made no personal attacks on the author themselves.

People are allowed to not like a book that you loved.

Kerry Connelly i dont think her story was at all predictable, i thought it flowed wonderfuly. gota say shes also a smart buisness woman. - read it on the train who cares, just read the txt :)

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