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The Other Side of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon
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May 20, 2008

it was amazing

I had just finished reading this book some days ago and I am completely at awe with it. Sidney Sheldon is good. HE IS REALLY GOOD. I loved his varied settings and approaches with tempting characters and his unpredictable plot. The story gets more evil and evil as it progresses and I think that element makes the book more dramatic. I honestly think that if Larry Douglas exist in real life, I think I too would be his, um, victim.. (Is that the right term?) Well, the justice that was projected from the book was rather real. Yes.. its discouraging to realize that there is no such thing as justice. Only money and the rich people keeping it in their pockets. I am definitely intrigued with the character Noel Page. While I was reading the book, I can't seem to imagine a clear picture of her face because she was too beautiful as described from the book. And she was really smart and good at everything. But I don't want to be like her coz without the drive of hatred and pain, her life pretty sucks. I'd rather be Catherine Alexander but not as martyr and stubborn as she was. I think I'd like to have Catherine's pretty face and Noel's drive.. Hmm.. The characters from this book is pretty interesting, huh? But the dialog are sometimes unrealistic.. It's seems that their lines were too cliched for reality but it'll work on the big screen. But definitely, Constantin Demiris is the ultimate antagonist! He has the power to play God and that is cool. I think I don't want to be as ruthless as he is but I want to be as intelligent as he is.. He's very cunning.. And I like it..

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