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The Realm Of Believe by Geoff Cain
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Feb 03, 12

Read from October 23 to December 26, 2011

Waking up one morning, Tedanill expected it to be just another ordinary day. He never imagined that things would change for him completely upon taking a step outside. To his surprise, he comes face to face with a dragon, one who tells him that he and his wife have been chosen for a greater purpose. Wondering if everything the dragons says is true, he decides to take a chance and place his trust in the legendary being. Never once does he imagine the consequences of his doing so.

Transported to another world, he and his wife are tasked with keeping order within all the realms available. Granted extraordinary powers, they must work together in uniting a land torn by strife caused by invading forces before the realm itself is lost. To do so, they must gain the loyalty of all the dragons as well as that of the people and the creatures surrounding Believe. A task that doesn't seem as easy to do.

Despite his insecurities, Tedanill is determined to unite his people and the dragons to achieve the balance that has been sought for centuries. As the tension between them and the evil Gand and the Tarnites mounts, he knows there's little time in which to gain victory against those who wish to suppress the dragons for good.

Honing their skills and bonding with those he's vowed to protect, Tedanill is prepared to defend his new world in every way possible. With the help of his wife, he does his best to live up to everyone's expectations. Facing his inner demons, he prepares to defend the entire realm from the impending evil storm that's headed their way in hopes of avoiding disaster once and for all.

I enjoyed the premise of this book but sadly, there were a couple things that kept me from enjoying it completely. This is not a bad review, mind you - far from it.

The story itself is quite unique. I think any one of any age would enjoy it. It's full of dragons and magic and instills several lessons along the way that I think would be useful in implementing within every day life. With a little further editing to fix a few run-on sentences and punctuation, as well as some grammar, I think this book could really shine.

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