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Sins of the Son by Linda Poitevin
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Apr 30, 12

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Read from April 08 to 09, 2012 — I own a copy

I think it’s important to mention upfront that this book does not stand on its own very well. Obviously this didn’t bother me since I read the first book, too, but I don’t think a new reader should jump into this series here. It ties heavily into the last book and unfamiliar readers will find themselves quite confused. The past events, previous character relationships, and the trauma that Alex still suffers from are treated as a given, only lightly explained. I enjoyed this, since it was enough to brush me up but not enough to bore me with repetitive infodumps, but it’s probably not helpful for a new reader. So, consider yourself warned. :)

Usually I do not enjoy a multitude of POV’s because I don’t like taking that much time away from the main character’s narrative—This was actually a complaint of mine in the first book—but I found that the author used it pretty well here. I did occasionally become impatient to see the individual story threads combined, but that had more to do with my desire to see Aramael and Alex reunited than an actual dislike for reading those sections. We were introduced to a whole new cast of side characters since Alex was taken out of her native residence. Some I liked, some grated on me. *cough*Liz*cough* Even though I didn’t like all of the side characters, I liked that the author showed the humans’ reaction to discovering the events going on behind the scenes. It’s a pretty unbelievable thing, so seeing someone refuse to believe made it seem more realistic.

Although I did enjoy a good chunk of the book, mostly the overall arc and the complicated tangle of layers that kept cropping up, I have to be honest and say that I finished this book feeling rather bitter. A large draw (for me) of the first book was the intense connection between Aramael and Alex. The romance was a light background feature, but it was enough since the author wrote the tension between them so well. We ended the book on a cliffhanger of sorts regarding their relationship, so I was very eager to finally see them reunited. Unfortunately, the way things unfolded left me very unhappy. I had some uncomfortable moments when Alex would make throwaway comments indicating that she was somehow relieved to find herself untangled from her soulmate, but I just thought I was reading things wrong. And when a love triangle started to crop up, I comforted myself with the knowledge that Alex wasn’t willing to reciprocate the interest. How nice that I managed to lie to myself for the entire book, huh? I will say that I do not appreciate bait and switch romances (even in a UF) and leave it at that.

I felt that the end spiraled a bit out of control. An event that should have been very traumatic for Alex (in my opinion) was dealt with in an extremely short amount of time and it felt like it wasn’t given the weight that it needed. I know that Alex tends to live in denial, but that really didn’t excuse the lack of attention given to it. And then to have the whole situation become even more weird and complicated (and plain icky)? It just didn’t work for me. I think I would have needed more time and attention paid to it for it to feel more natural. I felt a distinct lack of cohesion in a lot of the events and POV’s toward the end. It didn’t seem to flow very well and it made reading it feel a little erratic.

The interesting worldbuilding continues to draw me in and remains a favorite part of the series for me. Nothing is resolved with the Lucifer plotline when the book ends, but some interesting new developments do pop up. Although I like the way the author has set up the world and the demon/angel factions, I’m finding it harder and harder to care for the “good” guys. They’re not doing a lot to win my admiration. I’m not sure what to expect from the next book, but hopefully we’ll see a final resolution on the Lucifer/One thing.

Favorite Quote:
”For what it’s worth, you’re right,” Mika’el said. “You’re not a murderer. I’m sorry you must become one.”

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