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Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
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Oct 22, 11

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Read in October, 2011

What do I think about this book?
Well, the thing is that I actually liked the first 350 pages or so, but after that ... not so much.
It just seemed as if the author had to find a way to end this book, so the endning is a little rash. Like, when the Delos family is looking for Helen, the search is "ruined" (or cut short) because Lucas just popped up all of a sudden and found Helen - that was a bit weird.
And the plot is not very strong. I wasn't really that excited about what happened, the only thing I actually liked was the thing with Lucas and Helen despising each other (even though they reaaally loved each other).
And Lucas - OMG boy! So lame! I did not like him. I mean he had his cute moments (like when he got jealous), but no, him and me just didn't hit it off. Jason on the other hand - I liked him.
And the writing didn't suit me. It's written in third person, so I know that it's possible to write about a lot of characters' thoughts and feelings, but I just don't like that. I like the author to stick with one character and then let us GUESS the other characters' thoughts and feelings by interpreting their words and actions. Much more exciting that way.
And in chapter 18 it said "Daphne-as-pandora yelled" <-- Or something like that, I'm not entirely sure. What's up with that? That is just bad writing in my opinion, it made me laugh out loud because I thought it was too ridiculous.
But well, I probably couldn't have done it better my self, so who am I to judge?

So why do I give this book three stars when I obviously didn't like it, and had to force myself to read the last 100 pages?
Well .. like I said, I actually liked the first 350 pages or so, it was just the endning that ruined everything for me.

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