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The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers by Lynn Weingarten
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Dec 01, 11

Read from November 13 to 19, 2011

"The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers is an eccentric book that isn't what it seems. Full of magic, betrayal, and heartbreak, this is NOT one to miss!"

The blurb on the back of this book is extremely deceiving. I'm glad i didn't read it before i requested an ARC, because when i had the book in my hands finally, and read the back blurb, i was turned off. "This tale of breakups, friendship, new crushes, and magic..." What do you think of when you read that? When i read it, i was like: Oh, a fun little book about teeny-bopper, two dimensional characters who get broken up with and plot revenge against their ex-boyfriends.

If i were to re-blurb it, i would say: "This tale of magic, twists, love, and betrayal..." Because that makes it sound how the book is: full of twists, full of magic that is beautiful, love that is both tragic and intense, and betrayal that will leave you reeling.

Now, don't get me wrong, Secret Sisterhood isn't a high-stakes novel full of suspense. But the ending is very tense and very: TIME IS RUNNING OUT OMGZZZ! The best feature of the novel is the writing style. It was something that really grabbed me by the throat and yanked me into the story. There was a certain magic in Ms. Weingarten's prose that brought depth to the story. A vivid picture was painted through the spellbinding writing style!

Another thing i really, really LOVED about the book was the ending. Something about it was so...unexpected. A lot, and i mean a LOT, happened in the last one hundred or so pages of this book. There was NON-STOP peril. If one thing didn't work, our main character was doing some other crazy thing the next chapter. The chapters got shorter and more fast paced. The writing style became mesmerizing and not thrown together. The ending was perfectly crafted.

The climax was something i expected, but something that i could have seen not happening. I kept wondering if Ms. Weingarten would actually end it like she did. Some of the twists led me to believe differently, but all in all i was happy with how the book ended.

The Secret Sisterhood of Heartbreakers is weird. It's an eccentric read with a spellbinding writing style, a witty personality, and a cast of characters that are a diverse and much-needed refreshment in the stagnant characters of YA. This is NOT one to miss!
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