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The "What If" Guy by Brooke Moss
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Oct 21, 11

This book was so amazingly good that I don't even want to write a review. Because there is no way I can fully capture the awesomeness that is The "What If" Guy with my lousy words.

This fantastic book is all up in my relationship lovin' grill and I ATE! IT! UP! I cried people, I cried like four separate and distinct times. CRIED! The last time I cried while reading a book was 1987! Seriously, it was when I read Taliesin by Stephen Lawhead.

I just...just...*squee* I don't have much more than that.

Brooke Moss rocked the relationships.

Autumn + her son, Elliot = WIN! A wonderful relationship that shows how a single parent can succeed, underscoring the sacrifices a woman on her own has to make. It made me proud of my single mom friends and made me even more thankful for my amazing husband who is my dream come true.

Autumn + her father, Billy = WIN! This was a heart-wrenching, honest look at a tough relationship. Moss tackled the consequences of alcoholism head on, both the physical and emotional. It really was heartbreaking and touching.

Autumn + her best friend, Holly = WIN! There is really nothing, nothing, that can compare to a best friend. Autumn burned quite a few bridges when she left her small town for college in the big city. Then shame and embarrassment cut the rest of the ties she might have had with Holly. But Holly embodies the heart of what friendship is. I have a friend like that and I treasure her - the sister of my heart. I wish a friendship like this for all women everywhere.

Autumn + Henry = WIN! First I have to say that Henry Tobler is the MOST unlikely hero name I have ever read. And I was prepared to judge. Silly, stupid me! This man was was flawed, gentle, strong, smart, and totally, completely squee worthy. This entire relationship was filled with so many wild ups and downs I had some head spinning going on but with a date and a night 13-years in the making was drool worthy.

The book was also scattered with small relationships that at first didn't necessarily mean too much but in the end, when Moss pulls the camera back and shows us the whole picture...every single, last one added to the whole.

There was some sex stuff but I honestly can't remember it enough to squee or drool because I was so involved in the actual relationship between Henry and Autumn it was not a stand out scene. Like an honest relationship it was a part of the whole.

This book pushed every single relationship button I have and ones I didn't even know where there. Once I actually started reading it I could not put it down. Brooke Moss, you've made a life time fan and have been added to my auto-buy list.

You made me laugh, cry, and sigh. My heart fluttered, I gasped, I got mad and confused. You pulled emotion out of me with a surgical precision that I found stunningly beautiful. Thank you.
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