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Legacy by Cayla Kluver
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Nov 14, 2012

really liked it
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Seventeen years ago, a bloody war waged by the Kingdom of Cokyri on the Hytanicans ended abruptly when the Cokyri stole away forty-nine newborn males...and only returned the bodies of forty-eight. Hytanica has managed to rebuild from the war, but the anger felt towards the warriors of the mountains--not to mention anxiety that the war could resume at any time--has never completely ceased.

Alera, crowned princess of Hytanica, now celebrates her seventeenth birthday, and must prepare to wed in exactly one year. In a land where men hold complete dominion over women, Alera may not take her father's place as ruler, but must seek a husband who will fulfill the role as king. Unfortunately, no suitor matches her father's strict qualifications aside from Lord Steldor, the egotistical son of the Captain of the Guard whose very breathing manages to annoy Alera.

All of this grows less important to Alera once the Cokyrians manage to infiltrate the palace, and word is whispered that there is a traitor among the Elite Guard. Even Alera's beloved bodyguard begins behaving strangely, and Alera finds herself having to make a difficult choice. Her budding interest in the political affairs of her kingdom come to head when another Cokyrian, a young man named Narian, is captured, and Alera finds herself probing him for information that she, as a woman, is not allowed to know.

As she grows closer with Narian, who was raised in a society where woman often hold power over men, Alera learns that she is capable of much she would never have imagined...even of finding love. But the intriguing circumstances surrounding Narian's life will throw everything into jeopardy, for Alera as well as for the entire kingdom of Hytanica.

This brilliant story by a young new author captured my heart, and I am eager to read the tale's conclusion in the following book.
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