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Murder on the Prowl by Rita Mae Brown
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Nov 05, 11

bookshelves: 2011-reads, audio, christian, mystery
Recommended to Rayni by: Talking Books
Recommended for: animal lovers
Read from October 21 to November 05, 2011, read count: 1

My mother received this book from the Talking Book library. As is their usual method of operation, they send out books without regards to whether they are a series or not. As is the case with this book, we got book 6 first. I like to read a series in order, but am told by Talking Books that it doesn't matter what order a series is read in. We started listening to the book, but sent it back unlistened to because it was too hard to keep all the characters straight. However, I was hooked & ran to our local library. Fortunately the book was on the shelf. So many times I have to order the books Mother gets as an interlibrary loan.

That said, I enjoyed the book. I liked the fact that there is actually 2 investigations going on - Harry's & the animals'. Well, of course, 3 if you count the law enforcement, but we aren't really privy to their investigation. I spent several hours skipping around trying to find an answer, but discovered it is too complex to do that. I ended up reading it page by page.

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10/21/2011 "Kind of hard to keep track of all these "characters" on an audio tape. I checked out a hardback copy of it."

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message 1: by Wayne (new)

Wayne I read a Rita Mae Brown in 1978 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I wonder what she is up to NOW!!!??

Rayni 1978 must have been one of her very first books. Looks like she is still writing. According to Wikipedia:

Since 1990 Brown has "coauthored" with her cat, Sneaky Pie Brown, a cozy mystery series featuring the feline character Mrs. Murphy.

There are 19 of these.

message 3: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Rubyfruit Jungle was the title ...and I'm sure it was an early book as you mentioned rayni.I was living in Athens at the time, teaching English. I recall that I continued my usual routine of reading and this one was funny and quirky...can recall NOTHING of the plot!!!!Goodreads may help.

Rayni The title alone would have pulled me in. Well, it has taken me half of the book to finally get pulled into the plot & the idea of the animals being part of it. I stayed up until 2:30 last night, but most of that was skipping through trying to find out what was going to happen. I finally gave up & will have to read it page by page ...

message 5: by Wayne (new)

Wayne ..THAT is hilarious.
I've done it recently too...skipping on and on
and then realising it just wasn't going to DO DO DO!!!!
I was in bed late too.
Must be a bad time to read.

Rayni Oh ya, totally bad time to read! I've paid for that late night though. If I don't get through this book, I won't have time to read God's Secretaries!!

message 7: by Wayne (new)

Wayne God forbid that you should miss out on how the Lord's book was put into Perfect Prose.
I'm going to pray for a snow storm to keep you housebound until you can start and finish it!!!!
Get out the heater!!!

Rayni Well, now I know where the snow came from. Gosh it was cold. I got out an extra blankie & turned up the heat.

Rayni Then when I went to bed, my pillow was hot!!! I had to turn the heat back down.

message 10: by Wayne (new)

Wayne But did you finish the books???????

message 11: by Rayni (last edited Nov 10, 2011 09:43PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Rayni Books. Yes, I finished Murder on the Prowl. No, I'm still plodding along on God's Secretaries. It was due yesterday & I went in & asked for it to be renewed. They can only give me another week. It's historical non-fiction, which I read slowly anyway. So, I'll read as far as I can, then mark where I got to & return it. If it's something I want to finish, then I'll have to check it out again. My son came home from church Sunday & picked up the book. Something had been said in the worship service that piqued his interest about the 400th anniversary of the KJV.

message 12: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Generally it is soooo EASY to read a novel
-lots of dialogue,
few technical terms,
less abstract concepts,
simpler language constructions.

But books on such subjects as Philosophy or Mechanics or History have the opposite of all the things I just listed. If you are really interested you will enjoy it but you still won't be able to read it as fast as you read a novel because the language is more DENSE.

Hope you get to REborrow it, because it is interesting history...and now you might be borrowing for TWO!!!

Rayni And usually with historical non-fiction I don't want to read it fast because I want to absorb it, understand it. I will have to REborrow it because there is no way I can get through it in one week. I haven't seen DS-older pick it up lately.

message 14: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Yes..EXACTLY!!! You need to mull over it.
I used to do that with reading Proust's Great Big Novel...I'd stop and go into a reverie or chew over a thought or dwell in the delight of the language.
But these books are intellectually demanding in so many ways that the novel generally isn't.

Rayni Yes! You are so right! A novel can usually be read quickly & mindlessly. I do like mysteries because I stop & try to figure out "whodunit."

message 16: by Wayne (new)

Wayne Yes, that's fun isn't it.
Sometimes I can't bear to read on because you just feel something awful is about to happen, and other times you just can't put it down. And then you can get mentally exhausted and need a break and other times you never want to have to open the damn thing ever again...and DON'T!!!

Rayni LOL, my mom's like that with her books, she feels something awful is going to happen & stops the book. If I'm listening along with her, I can't stand it, I HAVE to know what happens. Other times, if I'm not following the book, I just turn my hearing aid off, LOL. Such a handy thing to have - sometimes. When I'm actually reading the book, I sometimes put the book down, but usually I'm thinking about it & wondering what's going to happen.

message 18: by Wayne (new)

Wayne "Alone in Berlin" by Hans Fallada had me on the edge of my seat not wanting to know what was going to happen next.I already knew of course.The middleaged married couple defying the Nazi State with their feeble but heroic little protest were going to get it in the neck and I just couldn't BEAR to read THAT.

Would put it down for three days and then realise I'd start to forget bits if I didn't get back to it.When I did get back I Couldn't stop reading and survived the part I'd been dreading because the author always surprised you.They still got it in the neck but somehow they remained UNdefeated.
What a book that was!!

Rayni Wow!! Sounds like a good author. I put a book down early in the summer because I KNEW what was going to happen, then I totally forgot about it until I was digging in a box the other day & there it was, with a bill from June marking my place. I picked it up & thought, "Now I'm going to have to start all over again." And the bill?? I didn't dare look very close at it. It wasn't a shut-off notice, I checked to make sure. Course, if it was, I probably scrambled to pay it before they actually shut it off.

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