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Sahara by Clive Cussler
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Nov 08, 2011

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I'll temper this saying I have never read any Clive Cussler before. This must put me in a minority as the trade paperback I'm reading says there are 125 million books in print.

I'm only at the beginning and the backstory created interest and it appears to be developing into a pretty intriguing story. The reason I'm commenting so early is I have some gripes with the editing or, the lazy effort by the author.

In one scene, the heroine's car is being torched. The description of the arsonist says he is wearing a long white headscarf worn so only his eyes and nose are visible. Three pages later she is describing the incident and an associate asks her what color the scarf is. "Dark blue," she replies. "Almost Indigo." The story can't keep continuity for 1000 words??

After hearing the description, the associate replies "Tauregs!" Another person present pipes up, "What." The speaker repeats "Tauregs." Then the speaker goes on to tell the reader what/who Tauregs are. He is not speaking but the author is informing the reader. However, once the explanation is made the person who asked what they were goes on to ask why a nomadic band of natives from the South Sahara would want to attack the heroine. Point being, its like the character was listening to the author's explanation to the reader.

None of this really detracts from the story but, a major author, published by a big time publisher, is either being extremely lazy or decided the book didn't need an editor. If this continues and the mistakes don't make me lose interest in the story, then I'll drop this to 2 star.

11-4-11. Finished the book and concluded it was just OK, typical fare from the testosterone aisle of the bookstore, everything works out for the death defying hero. I skipped the last ten pages or so (no spoiler ahead) as the story had concluded and the author started enviro preaching about how we are on the cusp of running out of oxygen. Still rates three stars
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Neil That's funny! I never caught the continuity goof! Makes me wonder what else I might have missed.

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