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Sundial by C.F. Fruzzetti
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Oct 21, 2011

it was amazing
Read in October, 2011

This is the smartest young adult novel I have read in quite awhile. I
give it five stars for its complex plot, structure, character
development and world worth experiencing!

If you are looking for more than just a paranormal love story Sundial
is a good choice and had me checking out their website to look for a
sequel release date. I promise you the ending will have you on the
edge of your seat and takes you to place you would never imagine to
find two high school students!

What I liked about the book is that it is not just mush of boy meets
girl and they go to prom. This book has a complex and intelligent
plot that unfolds for the characters along with the readers. As
Whitney learns her life is becoming unhinged, so does the reader.
Brilliant. The book is sophisticated and may be lost on younger young adults. It deals with themes of power, trust, survival, war and empathy.

The best part of the plot was that the book chapters end in
cliffhangers--not all of which are resolved immediately--so I found
myself racing through the pages trying to get all of the pieces of
this elaborate puzzle. It is refreshing to have a captivating story
that doesn't water the story down for the reader. The end, of course,
is the biggest cliffhanger of all even though many of the meaty pieces of the story are resolved. It does leave you wanting more so be

As far as the characters go you can take your pick of who to like. (It is obvious who is there to threaten Whitney and you can root against
either an evil CIA director or an obnoxious high school.) All the
characters are flushed out nicely and the pairing of Whitney and Blair is especially fun--two besties who bring out the best and sometimes
the opposite in each other. The sub characters are also helpful and
reveal more about our main characters. For instance, in the details
of the clothing. You get a sense of the character's personalities even through shoe choice---one in Sperry boat shoes, one in Jack Rogers
sandals and one in Doc Martins boots--that alone tells you a lot about who these people are and how it they fit into a wealthy world set in
and around Washington, DC. They are all unique even though clearly
affluent. The world building with the affluence it consistent
throughout---the characters all go to the same high school and all
have access to things some of us dream about: boats, cars, expansive
houses, computers and money. It totally fits the bill for the area
around Washington and makes it that much more fascinating. At one
point, Blair asks Whitney if Reid's last name should be "Carrington"
from the hit show of ultimate opulence DALLAS. Their wealth explains
a lot about how they are able to do some of the things they do--like
go boating and have fantastic parties. This is all fascinating but
none of it as fascinating as Reid---who you fall in love with not just because he is the hottest guy you can imagine in your mind--but
because you get the sense he really cares about Whitney and this is
conveyed in both action and words. His blunders make him all the more
interesting and relatable as a teenage guy.

A final mention of world building. The book's setting is like going on an insider's guide of the DC area. The scavenger hunt was so
interesting -- the Netherlands Carillon -- a little known but local favorite. I love, love, loved this part. I also liked being inside the Wallace office and looking out on the city. It really conveys the level of power and prestige Reid brings with him and why he is such a hypnotic commodity!

This book made me feel like I was "there" and that I had truly escaped into a world of wealth, power and privilege. Fun to visit, even for a little while!

Looking forward to the next book and to see what kind of book cover
they will create for the next one. SUNDIAL'S artwork is stunning and
is just the tip of the iceberg of a thrilling and smart story!
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