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If Angels Burn by Lynn Viehl
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Sep 02, 08

bookshelves: urban-fantasy, too-violent
Recommended to Anita by: Paranormal romance group
Recommended for: Fan of violent urban fantasy
Read in September, 2008

This is the first book in the Darkyn series, and boy, am I disappointed. I've heard Lynn Viehl's name repeatedly on the Paranormal Romance group, so I thought I'd give this series a try. It's a vampire series, and it has a couple passionate scenes in it, but it's not the least bit romantic - more like dark and evil. It's more accurate to bill this book as an exploration of torture techniques than a romance. Really - I kid you not - graphic descriptions of torture is fairly common in this book.

For the sake of an interesting romance with compelling characters, I'm generally willing to read a little gore and horror, but this is WAY over the top for me. It is well written, and the characters are complicated and well described, but I doubt I'll read the next in the series.

Basic premise: Vampires first arose during the plaque in the 14th century, victims of a strange virus, though all the vampires think it's because they are damned. It's modern day America, and a female plastic surgeon is forced to repair the severely burned face of the leader of the American vampires. He accidently bites her and gives her his blood, making her the first newby vamp in several hundred years. Meanwhile, her brother is recruited into a sadistic Catholic army called the Brethen who are set upon exterminating the vampires. (They are the ones who burned off the vamp's face.) The surgeon is very smart and manages to figure out how to stall the progress of the virus, leaving her in a half human/half vampire state. She and the vamp are also extremely attracted to one another, but, here's a little realism for you, she hates his guts for turning her. She agrees to help a family of vamps that were tortured by the Brethen - and let me tell you - it is ghastly what was done to them. Meanwhile, the Brethen are out to kill both her and her brother, though it beats me why they bother. Along the way, the Brethen torture, kill, and maim. There's also some vampire political intrigue as a sub-plot.
---time lapse----
I just finished this book at lunch, and it got a little better at the very end - a whole bunch of evil Bethen died.
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Heather I totally agree Anita! I didnt like this much either... and it had soooo much hype from everyone! Oh well... more books I DONT have to add to my tbr ;D


Julie (jjmachshev) That's why I don't read this series...tried the first one, the waited a while and tried another one...still no joy. not for me anyway

new_user Hey, Anita, when you get the chance I recommend you give the rest of the books a shot. I found the next few books a little less dark/grim. :) Although the romance is still not as grand or so-romantic as in other books in the genre, lol. It's more subdued.

Julie (jjmachshev) That's one of the great things about books...variety to fit every taste.

new_user That's true. :)

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