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Puppy Love 2 by Jeff Erno
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Ok, here’s the thing. I cannot reconcile the Matt in this book with the Matt in the previous book. It’s not the same character. Suddenly Matt is very concerned about Petey’s emotional wellbeing and doesn’t want to hurt him by sleeping with another guy(/girl). Suddenly he has no problems with showing his love and affection to Petey, constantly. And he’s no longer demanding a one-way communication. It all changed after his collaring Petey says at one point…well excuse me if I missed that part in the last book because I didn’t see that at all.

Don’t get me wrong, Matt is still very much an asshole. The difference is that I wouldn’t have hated Matt so much if this was the kind of behavior he had shown all along. He is spending time with Petey and is no longer “cheating” on him. He still makes a lot of mistakes and thinks he’s god…until (thank fuck) Petey corrects him…sort of…towards the end. What he doesn’t do this time is use Petey without giving back. He shows love and affection, and even tenderness. He still doesn’t do anything that doesn’t benefit himself, but being the selfish guy that he is perhaps it’s stupid of me to even want that from him.

The kinks are milder…well, again, sort of. The constant indulgence in watersports is a wee bit tiring for me who kind of hates that…this time it’s in a vastly different way than in the previous book. Not really sure which I dislike the most, but at least Petey doesn’t have to drink Matt’s piss over and over again in this book. This book has helped me recognize the parts of BDSM that I do find attractive, and neither of those parts are overly represented in this story. Sadly.

I do have to say that I haven’t found a single sex scene, either in this book or the previous, attractive…well actually no, that isn’t entirely true. Sad thing is that my favorite Matt and Petey moment is in fact a dream. But oh what a dream it was…This could also say something about Petey's image of Matt...I found Petey's Dream-Matt much more likeable than the "actual" Matt. Just saying.

Matt’s status as an Alfa Alfa is reinforced in this book, and that sort of gets to his head a bit and ends up with disastrous results…for Petey. Matt is fortunately very humbled by this and I hope he’s cured from the worst aspects of his hubris. At times during the book I still felt an urge to (and did) cry out ‘asshole’ in reference to Matt, but it was far less frequent than in the former book. At some points I almost found myself liking him a little…who knew!? If he would only stop using emotional manipulation I could possibly even kind of warm up to him in the last book…we’ll see.

Petey is changing a bit too; one would almost surmise he has learned a thing or two from Matt’s constant mind games when he orchestrates something really big in the last part of the book. I’m not however too fond of him either all throughout the book. He does show signs of some true growth towards the end when he gets solid confirmation of Matt’s true feelings, the gnawing doubt inside him finally is silenced and he finds the confidence to believe, finally, that Matt really does love him and that he himself is worthy of that love. Despite Matt’s failed attempts at “lessons” all Petey really needed in order to grow a pair and stand up for himself was some communication, even if it was involuntary from Matt’s part (read and you’ll know what I mean)…*sigh* like that wasn’t obvious from the beginning. Had he just been told a bit about the lifestyle and the demands that were put on him, had his “role” been explained, none of this shit would have had to happen in the first place…but then again, if that had been the case then Matt wouldn’t have even been the asshole Petey fell in love with.

The most annoying part of this book had nothing to do with the plot or the characters. It was instead the constant repetition of the entire plot that had happened so far. Dear god how many times do we need a recap? Sure it might be good to put some of the things that happened in the prequel in so that if the reader doesn’t remember something he/she won’t get confused…but honestly? To be told over and over again what happened in the last chapter just doesn’t contribute anything else than annoyance. Oh and another thing, could we please skip the baby parables during sex? ...I find them slightly disturbing.

Anyway, all in all I liked this book a lot better than the previous, mostly because of Matt’s change. Believe me I’m still not too fond of him, but I no longer hate him.
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1.0% "Oh fuck it...I guess I'm a bit of a masochist myself."
64.0% "I truly don't get why all Petey's punishments have to be so vastly unproportional for what he did wrong...he sassed against another Master after Matt put him in a really shitty situation, and now he has to sub for a sub...whom he hates and whom hates him...fucked up."
64.0% "last update: I truly don't get why all Petey's punishments have to be so vastly unproportional for what he did wrong...he sassed against another Master after Matt put him in a really shitty situation, and now he has to sub for a sub...whom he hates and who hates him...fucked up."
77.0% "*sings* "he had it coming, he had it coming, he only had himself to blame..." Matt that is...not poor Petey :/ ...Oh the sweet justice!!!"

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