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The Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton
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Oct 20, 11

bookshelves: fiction, science-fiction

This is the second part of the Void trilogy, a space opera set 1500 years in the future. There are two distinct story threads to the book; the first is a militaristic, galaxy spanning, high-tech, action adventure taking place in the ‘Commonwealth’. In the previous book this civilisation had recently become aware of the titular Void, which (as it turns out) is an artificial slowly expanding mini-Universe at the centre of the galaxy. The story follows the actions of the various parties who want to either stop the expansion to prevent it consuming the galaxy, encourage it to allow them to transcend or those who simply want to enter the Void. This story is fast-paced and exciting, but seems to have a few too many characters that are only touched on briefly making it easy to lose track of whom they are and where they are. We learn a little more about the Living Dream religion and the various other factions in this book, but again there is not really enough detail about the society to understand any more about the politics and motivations. This story is violent but fun, however it hasn’t really moved on much from the previous book.

The second thread is set within the Void itself. Inigo, a character on the outside of the Void, dreams this story but it appears to have really happened. The characters inside there live in a low-tech society and they have what appear to be magical powers such as telepathy and telekinesis. This story has much greater characterisation, following only one small set of characters – a team of policemen trying to rid a city of criminal gangs. It is well written and as a reader you care a lot more about the people and events. The only caveat here is that the hero, Edeard, appears to be able to pull another magical ability out of his hat at will, so that despite all the problems he faces you never really feel that he is in danger.

I really enjoy space opera and so will be really looking forward to the release of the next instalment. However I would not recommend the series to anyone other than those already converted to space opera.

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