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By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept by Paulo Coelho
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Oct 20, 11

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Maybe it was a poor translation, maybe I just didn’t understand all the references to Catholicism or maybe I am not ‘spiritual’ enough, but in my opinion this book is terrible. It reads like a childish parable/love-story that an 11 year-old would write.

Nothing happens in this ‘follow-your-heart’ novel, except that a women meets up again with her childhood crush and falls for him again. Apparently she could only do this because she had let God into her heart, after many years of not doing so. Ugh. Horribly preachy even for a Coelho book.

The point of the story has the usual message of all his novels; the central character realises that she needs to ignore everyone else’s opinions and feelings and become more religious in order to be truely happy. However the unintended contradiction of this message seems to be that by getting ‘faith’ she is really just masking the true cause of her unhappiness by making her believe that her selfishness and self-obsession are actually OK.

I'm guessing I missed the point entirely with this book, but unfortunately it comes across as so poor that I couldn't be bothered to find out.
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Malibeh Agreed. Really, I never understood why everyone liked it so much, I thought the whole mother-earth thing was a little riduculous, and even if it is a good love story, I don't think it has anything that makes it unique, it's just another one-this one with, as you said, a spiritual twist, and too serious for my taste. And Cohelo? Is like he wants to force god into every story.
Oh, and the detail that he has no name irritates me some.

message 2: by Sura (new) - rated it 1 star

Sura Ya I felt that its stupid , just stupid
When I almost reached the end I skipped many lines cause I was board and just wanted to finish it

message 3: by Chalo (last edited Jan 12, 2015 02:28AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Chalo I blamed everyrhing on translation too. but I guess it just wasn't good. I certainly expected more.

Mrwan manko I am not ‘spiritual’ enough

Svetlana My thoughts exactly. I am doing my best to finish the book even as it irks me to no end. I liked "The Alchemist" well enough but don't think I will ever try to read Coelho again. If I wanted to hear preaching, I would have gone to church.

Apurba Mahboob forcing myself to finish. can't believe the writer of the Alchemist wrote this adolescent religious love story :s

message 7: by H (new) - added it

H I totally understand what you mean- its too preachy and the writing doesnt flow well

message 8: by H (new) - added it

H I totally understand what you mean- its too preachy and the writing doesnt flow well

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