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Sorta Like a Rock Star by Matthew Quick
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Oct 19, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: young-adult, 2011, contemporary
Read from November 30 to December 04, 2011

I'm sorry if this review is on the sucky side, I really want it to be good but I'm writing it at the same time as writing a 2000-word research report on quantitative data analysis (kill me, just kill me now) so I can't make any promises. Plus, it's one of those really good books that I tend to waffle about and write things that don't actually mean anything... perhaps it's destined to fail.

Anyway! Let me just say that this book needs readers. About five hundred people have listed this book as "read" on goodreads, and come on guys, this isn't good enough. Sorta Like a Rock Star is one of those beautiful and rare gems of realistic fiction that just gets it in every way. It's funny, it's sad, it's poignant. There's all these amazing characters - some like none I've ever read before in my life - and there's possibly the coolest dog ever.

By the way, this book has somewhere between very little and nothing to do with music. I'm always a little put off by books with creative/musical protagonists, sometimes it's done right like in If I Stay but more often than not, I find I just don't care how well a character plays guitar or writes poetry. There is some pretty use of Haikus here (a style of poem I've never cared for before I read this novel) but mostly, the whole "rock star" thing in the title is about Amber sorting her life out and discovering her inner rock star, the girl who has the ability to make a difference, influence people's lives and fulfill her dreams. I think I may have made that sound so cheesy... but, it's not, trust me.

In fact, parts of this book are horrible. It deals with death and alcoholism in quite a brutally honest way - but I guess that's the way I like it dealt with. There's so so much in this story, it's very rich and full to the brim with interesting questions about life, about faith and about hope. There are many people on my friend's list here who I know would love this story, I just hope this review will encourage some of you to read it.
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message 1: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa Ooh, enjoy this one. EVERYONE seems to love it.

Emily May I know, I have high expectations of this one :)

Tatiana Oh yeah!!!:)

Emily May I loved it :) I will eventually write a review but I need to compile my thoughts over a cup of tea (or five)

message 5: by Reem (new) - added it

Reem is there romance<3 involved?

Emily May It's actually been a year since I've finished this but I don't remember any romance - it certainly wasn't a main plot point if there was :)

message 7: by TL (new) - added it

TL great review:)

Emily May Thanks, Terri :)

message 9: by TL (new) - added it

TL Your welcome:-)

message 10: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Well you have me intrigued! Looking for something to add to my list! :)

Emily May Yay! Hope you love it :)

message 12: by Natasha (new) - added it

Natasha Alvar How did u feel about the narrator's voice? I felt the slang used was not very authentic and sort of reduced all the good stuff happening in the book.

Emily May It's been a while since I read this, but I remember liking the narrator's voice. Guess I should maybe do a reread at some point :)

message 14: by Adi (new) - added it

Adi I'm excited to read this one after I finish my current stack that's been piling! I love Matthew Quick and his work, so I hope I (and think) will love this book!

Emily May Adi wrote: "I'm excited to read this one after I finish my current stack that's been piling! I love Matthew Quick and his work, so I hope I (and think) will love this book!"

I hope you like it. It's been so long since I read it but I still think about it fondly :)

message 16: by Adi (new) - added it

Adi Emily, have you read Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew? I looked under it's reviews but I couldn't find yours (if you made one). I'm curious to see what you thought of it.

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