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The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
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Oct 19, 2011

it was amazing

Stunning. Outstanding. Couldn't-Put-it-Down-Compelling. This is the autobiography of a childhood that was both broken and beautiful. Jeannette Walls' parents were wildly intelligent and creative free spirits, raising their children to be self-sufficient and resourceful, but often sadly neglecting them along the way. As Jeannette grew older and began to see the flaws in her parents, she came to understand that her parents' idealism was often little more than an excuse for their laziness and self-indulgence, which inevitably left their children to suffer. Foraging in trash cans for food during her high school years; going months without bathing; living in an unheated shack in the winters... Through all of it, Jeannette and her sisters and brother took care of each other and dreamed of one day having a life of order, cleanliness and predictability: values their parents scorned. When the children (as teenagers) moved to New York City to make new lives for themselves, they prospered and worked hard to make their dreams come true. Their parents followed them, but chose to remain homeless even as their alcoholic father drank himself into an early grave. Truly a story of what it's like to love someone in spite of their brokenness and the harm they've done you. Triumphant.

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