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The Pearl by John Steinbeck
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Oct 19, 2011

really liked it
Read in October, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Have you ever found something really great, but it ended up making a big mess of things? The same thing happens to Kino, the main character in The Pearl. As you may have guessed Kino finds a pearl in the sea, this pearl ends up turning his life upside down. Kino is married to Juana and they are the mother and father of Coyotito. Coyotito is a baby and Juana is very protective of him. Juan Tomas' is Kinos brother and he is married to Appolonia. Now you know the family of Kino. The story takes place in La Paz, Mexico, where Kino and most of the people from his village search for pearl in the off shore reefs. They get their living from selling the pearls that they find. In this case Kino goes out to look for pearls with his wife Juana and their baby Coyotito. Kino went underwater like any other day but today was different. As he emerges he is looking through the oysters he took, and then he sees it, a little glint from inside the oyster. As he cuts away the oyster his eyes behold the largest most beautiful pearl anyone in his village has ever seen. Many times it is referred to as the "pearl of the world". But this "pearl of the world" brings more bad than it does good. People hear about it and people become envious of Kino. There are quite a few times that people from the nearby city tries to steal the pearl. This choice does not go well in their favor. Kino becomes so attached to the pearl that he doesn't even hesitate from killing them for it. When in their grass hut Coyotito is bitten by a scorpion and even though Juana does all she can to help they send someone to bring the doctor. The doctor refuses and Kino, Juana, and Coyotito march into town and go to the doctors house. But sadly Kino has nothing to pay the bill with so the doctor does not help them heal Coyotito. But then once he hears that Kino has a pearl to pay the bill with, he goes to Kinos hut and says that he needs to check in on Coyotito and when he does he slips a pill filled with poison into Coyotitos mouth. Then after an hour when the poison starts to take effect he comes back and saves him then requests payment. This is just the beginning of the bad fortune the befalls Kino and his family.
At the beginning of the book I thought that not every thing would go wrong for Kino and his family. But after I was farther into the book I gave up on the thought that something might go right for their family. Personally I don't like books like this one, because I just really want something good to happen to their family and nothing ever does. This book is good literature, but I don't like it.
I think that if you like this book, would also like the Series of Unfortunate Events books, because they are just like The Pearl in the fact that the main character/characters are always in a bad situation. Again, I don't like the book, but I do acknowledge the fact that it is good literature but I think it's just a bit too depressing for me.


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