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Le deuxième sexe I by Simone de Beauvoir
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Nov 18, 11

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WOW. just WOW, this book is the feminist bible (!). No words to express the joy i felt reading this. It's so dense but at the same time so interisting. Simone did such a great job, i love this more than i could ever express.

Just in the first 20 pages or so, she had already convinced me I was gonna love this book with the words "If the feminine issue is so absurd, is because the male's arrogance made it "a discussion" WOW (again).

This is a true cientific work i must say. She read so many books and did so much reserch, it really impressed me. She talks about the society role of women since the pre-historical times (women had an active role as a colector so she could be in the same path as men) and how the patriarchy made in impossible for women to be considered equal. Women was considered "the other" and since she didn't have much physical strengh she was considered inferior (just looking at this phrase makes me think how stupid this assumptions were, no comments needed). ~

At another note, it made me realize, probably were the phrase "behind a great man there is always a great woman" came from... In the higher classes (borgeois or nobel) men were dedicating themselves to work as women were dedicated in working their intelect. That's why they were more connected to the devellopment of culture, than any other men and they sure could give them some nice tips on how to manage their bussiness, or something related.

Anyway, Simone navigates to so many issues and all sides of different prespectives that it's almost impossible to write a structured review without meantioning the whole book. But anyway, just wanted to add, that the part about mestruation seeing as a curse and all the myths surrounding it was pretty interisting.

Pro feminism authors, against the labeling of women as being inferiors: Diderot, Voltaire, Stuart Mill, Stendhal and Bernard Shaw

I wrote a little black list about the authors that were against the feminine cause:

- Balzac was extremely machist and belived that women were inferiors and should live in the shadow of men.
- Alexandre Dumas son actually said that if your wife cheats on you, you should kill her (with no remorse)
- Proudhon.. this one actually made me so sad you cannot imagine. One of the biggest anarchists in history belived that women should be in the kitchen (!) serving men (!). what about the fucken freedom you always talked about Prodhon??? d-i-s-s-a-p-o-i-n-t-m-e-n-t, that's all i have to say.
- Montherlant was either a repressed homosexual pretending he was straight or just plain mysoginist and almost made me vomit, i must say

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