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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
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Oct 19, 2011

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bookshelves: makes-no-sense, plot-holes, thinkies, college

I just hate Victor Frankenstein. There were so many good themes in the book (A-Level English FTW LOL JKS) but to me it was all undermined by the utter selfishness and cowardice of Victor. Are we supposed to sympathise with this guy?! Half of the book is literally listening to him whine, complain and sleep..

The only part of the book I could actually enjoy reading were the parts from the 'monster's' narrative and even that was just so suspicious. Hmm, so he not only learnt French in one year, but became as eloquent as an upperclass man of that era? Yeh, that's realistic.

Oh and it pissed me off how Shelley just sidesteps all the issues she can't be bothered to write about. Maybe that sort of thing went unnoticed or was acceptable in the 1800s but I thought it was just lazy. Half of that book could've been cut out--it was just Victor repeating how his life was a cruel joke blablablabla.

Stupid English Literature. Stupid college.
/rant over

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