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Blackout by Mira Grant
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Oct 18, 2011

it was amazing
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This book!

No, seriously, this book…! I’d sworn to take it slow and sure I was keeping to said goal, but once I reached the 20% mark, well there was no looking back for me. I didn’t even bother to hide the fact that I was reading this at work. So picture me thus: nose buried in kindle, more often than not, with palm over mouth to keep from screaming. It was that good.

Details. I can only imagine the research that must have gone into this one. I am very impressed with how she put in all those details yet still managing to make all of it smooth enough, plausible enough to have the story simply flowing with nary a hitch. Then consider that all that’s been woven into this thrill filled mix of politics, journalism and zombies … and my brain would have/could have said ‘ouch,’ but not once did it do so. Instead, I was all gimme gimme gimme.

Characters. They’re none them the ones I first loved in Feed or Deadline but it’s Shaun in particular who had me teary. All that pain and all that awareness, then all that resignation had me following him alongside his mini family. I like him; I have this massive book crush on him. The first books showed this none serious type with a suicidal tendency, events in those books simply stripped him down leaving him simply suicidal. And he knew it too, as did the team, YET they stuck to it nonetheless… yes, things got uncomfortable and twisted and sad, but sweet too. So much so that said mini-family thing was just one more thing in it that drew me in a little more. And let me not fail to add, (view spoiler) Mind bending and complicated? Why, yes. Yes, it was.

Each of them saw things as they were; sure some were more suspicious than others but that each of them had their own things to deal with yet they stuck around and that fact positively warmed me. Don’t get me wrong this is all about the Masons’ but with the likes of Becks, Mahir and Alaric and Maggie, well, I love this book just a smidge more because of them. Add that all of them had done some sort of reevaluating about where they were and where they were headed with each of them coming to their own conclusions… so that you could smell the change coming. It just made things feel even more charged. See? This book…!

Sticky bits. And all those questions and sticky what if’s and what about’s that I’d basically swept past in Feed and Deadline because I just couldn’t deal? Well, they’re dealt with here. And while initially jarring, (all those hints not withstanding,) I did grasp where they were coming from. (view spoiler)

While my favorite may be Feed that’s mainly because I’d never read anything quite like it before. Deadline and Blackout are tied in second because damn it… they both had me bawling like an idiot. Considering that all three are a bag of zombies, blogging and political what’s-it, well me bawling at all is quite a feat.

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Mira Grant
“Fuck survivor's guilt. I'm not supposed to be the guilty one here. The people who made me the last man standing... they're the guilty ones. And they're the ones who should be afraid.”
Mira Grant, Blackout

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Laura Very, very, VERY jealous right now! Can't wait for this one!

Ariana Oh my.. you are so lucky. I want to read this so badly.
Glad that you loved it. Can't wait for it too ;))

Laura Hi Ari! You counting down too! :)

Ariana Oh, I've been counting down for a while now.. I am done with counting, I want to read it like how'bout right NOW :P

I only feel good about the fact that the 5 stars rating flashing in front of my eyes mean that i will love it too :D

Laura haha...I have no doubt we will love it! Just to see Shaun again would make me happy! :) Or cry!
Same here--marked on the calendar long ago! Can't wait to gossip, gush and cry with ya!

Isamlq @laura, ari! I think you will love this too :)

Wendy Darling Hah hah, I couldn't stop myself from speeding through this one either, Isa. What an ending!

Maria crap, i read this here at work today, even when lunch break's over! :)

Isamlq Maria wrote: "crap, i read this here at work today, even when lunch break's over! :)"

i skipped work to read tgis

Kasia reading these comments makes me love this book even more

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