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Inheritance by Christopher Paolini
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Apr 15, 2012

really liked it
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Read from January 07 to April 14, 2012 — I own a copy

Well I do have to say first of all I am actually dissapointed this is how he ended it all. After all these years this is how he ends it. Predicatbly, we find out who the green dragon rider is, the final battle with Murtaugh, King Galbatorix, and the aftermath with all of the nations and people of Alegasia.
Overall a good book, but not a good way to end a series.


The book had a dissapointing ending and a very slow beginning. The beginning is filled with the Varden trying to win strategically big battles and yet leaving their army in pieces to ensure the towns behind them won't attack them from behind... As they progress Eragon is practicing his skills with swords while trying to awaken Glaedr and have him help him find a way to defeat Galbatorix as they inch closer and closer to the Capital. Through out the book many battles and plans happen and at one point Nasuada is kidnapped by Murtaugh and taken to the capital after a battle at Dras Leona leaves Eragon with a win in battle against his half-brother. Nasuada reappears every few chapters for awhile while the King tortures her in the castle- and secretly while murtaugh keeps healing her and helping her through it... they end up falling for each other- meanwhile Eragon is leader of the varden but has also possibly a lead as to how to defeat the King but it is at the home of the fallen Riders on their island in the north. He travels all that way to find out that their are many Eludinari's and hundreds of eggs!! The book picks up from here as most of the Eludinari travel back with Eragon and Saphira- who have found their true names by this point- but a spell makes all of them forget about the eggs for their own protection. The final battle was everything I had waited for, he does end up killing the king and releasing Murtaugh and Thorn from their ties to him (their true names changed because of his feelings for Nasuada) and allowing them to leave and find their own peace and figure everything out. This part I liked the ending. That is the last we know of Murtaugh and Thorn. Nasuada becomes the Queen of the Empire (predictable) with everyone swearing alligence to her but a town or two who pick their own leaders-but who follow her rules. The elf Queen Islandi dies in battle at the capital,and after the battles Arya takes her place.... while the green dragon egg finally hatches... for Arya. Again-predictable. Saphira and her green dragon fall for each other, and Arya admits her feelings for Eragon- then tells her that he is taking the Eludinari and all of the eggs except 2 with him to the east of Alegasia. Predictable that he has to leave, it was fortold in the first book he would leave and never come back. He tells everyone one by one that he is doing this. Arya will train them first and once they are strong enough to fly that far, they will then fly to Eragon and finish their riders training. Before he leaves he changes the bond of dragons with riders to add dwarves and urguals to those about to bond with the eggs. It was an interesting ending for his relationship with the elves.. and we never do find out anything about Angela. Nothing. Roran has a baby girl with Katrina and gains an earldom and lord of Plancar Valley where they grew up. He leaves after feasting with Orik and the dwarves, arya, roran, and a few select elves that are going with him to the dragon training/breading grounds. That's it.

No special endings or epilouges to explain how (maybe a few years later) how the country was going. Something-maybe where the first two new riders will be from the urgals or dwarves? how Arya and Nasuada are doing in their new roles... how and what happened to Murtaugh? And who was Anglea? None of these questions were answered and some more were raised...

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