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Tumford the Terrible by Nancy Tillman
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Tumford will amuse young readers with his antics. He is always making a mess of some kind, and his parents don't really mind. However, what they do mind is that he does not apologize. Instead of saying "I'm sorry," he hides. The illustrations show the types of huge messes that Tumford makes, and also show how he hides. They just show the plot, but don't add any extra details. The art style is a little strange. At times the watercolor pictures have what looks like maybe computer generated images integrated, and it just does not mesh well. The beginning of the story is also awkward. At first the author was describing Tumford, and the trouble he causes, but then just goes into this spiel about love. Its flow was off. The message of the importance of apologies is well-intentioned, but the pacing is rushed. It is recommended as additional purchase for readers ages 4-7.

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