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Hidden by Eve Kenin
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Oct 19, 11

it was amazing
Read from October 18 to 19, 2011

Year: 2088
After Suffering For Years At The Hands Of Dr. Gavin Ward, Who Sliced Pieces Off Of Her In The Name Of Science, Tatantia Escaped From His Prison Far, Far Underground. She And Her Siblings Had Been Forced To Endure The Torture That Ward Put Them Through Day After Day As He Sought To Create Perfect People With Genetically Enhanced Abilities But Ward Only Succeeded In Perfecting A Virus So Deadly That The Entire Planet Was Doomed.

Tristan Tolliver Had Been Duped By His Government When He Volunteered For Genetic Enhancing, He Evolved But Only Succeeded In Taking The Plague With Him And Killed His Entire Family Decades Ago As He Stayed Young. Gavin Ward Tricked Him Into Creating A Virus So Deadly That The Entire Population Of Earth Was In Danger.........

Eve Kenin Creates A Futuristic Story That Takes Her Readers Breath Away As They Travel Side By Side With Tantantia And Tristan Who Struggle To Get Samples From An Evil Doctor Who Is Determined To Change The Inhabitants Of Earth For The Greater Good, But His Experiments Goes Awry To Create Monsters Who Evolve In Stages And Eventually Eat Each Other! Tristian Has A Stronghold Many Miles Beneath The Earth Where Scientists Who Were Volunteers Just Want To Create The Antidote Are Infected One By One And Tristan Has No Choice But To Keep Them Contained. Tantantia Was Kept Away From People Other Than Gavin Ward And She Had No Inter Social Skills, She Thinks That She Is Flawed And Does Not Know What Love Is Until She Meets Tristan, But Years Of Mistrust Keeps Her From Telling Him Who She Is And Tristan Has Secrets As Well. HIDDEN Is A Must Read For All Sci-Fi Readers!

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