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Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan
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Oct 20, 11

bookshelves: fantasy
Read from October 18 to 19, 2011

There are some books we read because they make us think, others we read for their nail biting action, and then there are books we read simply because they entertain us. They are warm, and light, and delicious like a hot cup of coco on a cold night. Warprize is one of those books. It’s not profound, or deep, but it is a delightful, action filled romp of an adventure story, with a fantastic, drool worthy romance thrown in to make us melt. It’s the kind of book I see myself reading over and over again just because it makes me feel great.

~ Premise ~

Lara is a princess of the land of Xy, but she’s not your normal royal. Early in life she took up studies as became a healer, much to the chagrin of her family. Instead of attending royal functions, she spends her time in sick tents in stained frocks, with blood up to her elbows, assisting the any who need her arts. And there are many in need, for Xy is at war. A warlord from the Firelands has been campaigning across Xy, intent on conquering it.

When the armies of the Warlord arrive at her city, Lara defies the wishes of her brother the king, and provides healing for capture enemy prisoners, even making friends amongst them. It is this friendship that drives her to help hide the identity of a prisoner of high station, it also drives her to help the prisoners escape before her brother, the king, can slaughter them, and it’s what ultimately causes the Warlord himself to lay claim to her as a Warprize – the price paid to broker peace arrangements between Xy and the Fireleands, which sets the stage for a glorious adventure that where princess becomes a slave, and a slave becomes a hero worthy of songs.

~ My thoughts ~

Here’s what I think makes Warprize really shine – characters, romance, and adventure.

The characters are just fantastic. Lara is strong but also vulnerable. She speaks her mind, but is wise enough to know when to listen. She’s not a bad ass and doesn’t need to pick up a sword once in the story, but this makes her no less of a hero. Her strength and heroism lies in her honor, the sacrifices she makes for her people, and her healing arts.

Our Warlord, Kier, is just delicious. He’s 100% man, an alpha male with actual character and depth. Don’t you just hate those alpha males in romances that are all bluster and hotness, with no real personality or motivations for their actions? Kier is a refreshing change from those one dimensional archetypes – he has a past that’s not made 100% clear to us in book 1 that strongly motivates his actions. We’re tantalized with hints of what makes Kier tick, left wanting to know more. He’s a character you understand, care about, and feel connected to.

The romance delicious in Warprize builds slowly. Character’s don’t fall in love at first sight or jump into the sack at the first opportunity. Instead we are enticed by smoldering attraction, and growing romantic tension. We see things only through Lara’s eyes and we’re left wondering at Kier’s feeling, pondering his motivations, yearning for the moment they finally connect. It’s just plain delicious.

Despite the epic and completely swoon worthy romance, Warprize isn’t just a romance book. The adventure in the story starts from page 1 and doesn’t let up. There are daring escapes, betrayals, mysteries, night attacks, and a host of other events that guarantee you’ll keep turning the pages on this story long into the night.

Warprize is the perfect book for a rainy day, or when you are feeling a bit blue. It’s such a fun, light hearted, feel-good read. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It will definitely be a book I read again.
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