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The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima
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Oct 18, 11

I borrowed this book from a teenage friend of mine; started it, and let it languish while I tried to keep up with my ever-growing pile of books (that I checked out from the library and couldn't renew so I had to read them quickly.) I finally determined I would get it done this week.

As always, I've read several reviews of other readers here on GoodReads. They usually help me refine my own thoughts. And since Fantasy is totally not my chosen genre I welcomed reading some other perspectives. That said: I stick with my 3 stars.

Once I got into the book I really wanted to see what happened and read straight through to the end. But...

1. I do think the main characters could have been a bit more developed. Yes, I know the target audience is young, but let's not underestimate their ability to understand and appreciate fully fleshed personalities that inhabit the books.

2. I do think the book could have benefited from some judicious trimming. It seemed as though pages / time / words were wasted in an effort to produce a weighty book. Tightening things up would have better retained my interest beyond just the "action."

However, I am amazed that this book is the author's first publication. The writing was enjoyable and felt, to me, that the author had confidence in her ability to convey ideas without "talking down" to the younger set. (That's why I think she should step it up as far as character development goes.)

I am fairly confident I will seek out and read the other books in this series - hoping to see growth as this author "hits her stride".


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