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No Way Out by Peggy Kern
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Oct 18, 11

No Way Out
Peggy Kern
Realistic Fiction

A kid named Harold is in dept of paying his bills in his apartment and to his college funds. So he asked a the gang for a favor, and they told him that they would let him sell drugs to the gang's buyer. He only did this because he get 50 dollars from every buyer for his profit. I would feel the same way if I was him because if I was broke there is no way to do it unless you want to be a hobo and live on the streets. He also had no other choice because his grandma is on the couch and is sick with cancer and his job only pays so little that he would have to work over time to get enough money to get food for a week. I think that there was no other way out of this because he had no choice but to take the risk and help his grandma.

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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen Great response, Garvin! I like how you analyze the choices that Harold has to deal with, and put yourself in his shoes. Is he now going to have to face any problems with this gang that he got a favor from? Did he have to join them? How might this gang affect his future?

Garvin 10/21/11
No Way Out
Peggy Kern
Realistic Fiction

He is scared because he is selling drugs for his first time and his first customer. He thinks that he can get killed for doing this because its very dangerous to sell it to people who you don't know. When he gets to the door at someone's musty and old door steps with cracks on it, he rang the bell and a stranger came to the door and said show me the drugs. When this happened Harold got so scared that he took the money counted it and gave the stranger the drug. Trying to be quick he runs to every door step that's on the list he goes to the door steps, counted the money, and gave them the drug for the other 10 people. I think that Harold is scared to death because he doesn't know what to do as well because he's new and that this is very extremely dangerous because he's doesn't know what is going to happen when he appears to someone's doorsteps.

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