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The Emperor's Wolf by J.C. Owens
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Sep 22, 2015

did not like it
bookshelves: couldn-t-finish, d-s, fantasy-magic, m-m-romance, spoils-of-war, reviewed
Read on October 20, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Over the last couple days, I have been on a J.C. Owens kick. I have read and LOVED Gaven, The Bonding and Wings and really liked Taken. This book though, I just couldn't get into. It's typical JC fare. Captured slave turn trusted lover..but it didn't work here.

Jaden, the slave, is presented as a strong, no nonsense character in the first few pages. He is muscular and brave and all the other sex slaves in the harem are afraid of him. Then he is captured by the Emperor (Dersai) and he turns into a meek caricature of himself. I had a hard time reconciling the two in my head. Dersai would also do things like pull Jaden into his lap...I thought Jaden was a big guy! The gratuitous sex throws things off from the start. In the other books, the sex is woven into the advancement of the slave's status so it works. Not so here. I found myself skimming early on, something that would never have happened with the first four stories.

The world building needed work. I was halfway through the book before the reasoning behind Dersai calling Jaden his wolf was made clear. Up until then you're just confused. We're constantly told that Dersai is feared and Jaden makes certain references that lead you to believe that Dersai is a shapeshifter, not to mention the fact that Dersai has wolf motifs incoroporated into his decor, but because DERSAI is the one calling JADEN his wolf, I kept thinking, 'Is Dersai the wolf? Is Jaden a wolf with latent powers? What the heck is going on??'

Believability was another issue. Jaden is brought in as a slave but in no time flat he's sleeping in Dersai's bed, being taught to read,given free reign of the training room, eating at the table and discussing politics. Really??

Issue 1. Though we later find out that Dersai saw Jaden in a dream and knows that Jaden is the one to help him control his beast, at the time, you're just thinking the pacing doesn't work because Jaden is given priveleges way too quickly. Also, Jaden's internal monologue doesn't work as well as previous characters.

Issue 2. We're told that this is not Dersai and Jaden's first encounter. They met briefly during a prior battle between their homelands. Jaden was captured by Dersai but things got confused and Jaden was sold to another slave owner. Ok, so we already know that upon seeing Jaden even that first time, Dersai knew this was the man from this dreams - the one to tame his curse. So, knowing this, KNOWING that Jaden is somehow pre-destined to be his mate or salve to his curse or whatever, and knowing that Jaden was originally a soldier, not a harem slave, it doesn't make sense that Dersai treats Jaden like a slave in the first place! Dersai later has the gall, when Jaden helps him snap out of his demonic phase faster than anyone else ever managed before, to boohoo that he had seen it in a dream and searched all over for Jaden once he realized he had lost him after the previous make him kneel at Dersai's table?? Argh.

At 60% I couldn't take anymore. I was bored to tears and just annoyed that this book didn't live up to the caliber of the others.

Off now to read Dominion Of The Eth. I was warned that it will be an emotional read but I'm praying it'll be worth it in the end.
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The UHQ Nasanta Maybe I should just link to your review. You pretty much covered a lot of what I have/will cover in my own review. lol.

Nile Princess Link away! This was painful and I think we're in the minority on this one :-)

The UHQ Nasanta lol. I wouldn't say painful. I thought it had potential. The author just failed to realize it to our satisfaction. :D

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