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Frail by Joan Frances Turner
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Oct 20, 11

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Read from October 18 to 19, 2011

warning: this is totally going to be phoned in. school has me by the balls right now, so i am pretty distracted. i suppose if i cared more about this book, i would make the effort, but it was only just okay, so it gets an only just okay book report.

this is part 2 to the book Dust. i imagine there will be more written after this, as it ends on an action-ellipsis. the main character is a human, a "frail", one of the few remaining after the action in the first book where zombies took over, then zombies and most humans fell victim to a different contagion that left zombies near-indestructible and humans like zombies. but there are different ranks of zombies: those who were already dead and became zombified in the grave, zombies becoming so after dying from a zombie attack, zombies who were just humans succumbing to the other contagion... but none of them eat people. which takes the fun out of the zombie book, you ask me. it's a new kind of monster, but they are more like gods on earth than flesh-eating monsters who will attack you at the mall.

and as such they are less interesting.

so this frail meets up with the sister of the protagonist in the first book, who was the first human-turned-zombie-through-(view spoiler), and they end up getting captured and kept in this town where zombies are basically the jailers-town council and humans are their pets/worker ants/mistresses. but there is still tension. and seeecrets.

stony mayhall featured zombies who were not in attack-mode, either. in that world, the infection leaves its victims in attack-living-human mode for a time, and then subsides into a more socially-acceptable undead state. and that book is great - it doesn't need to be all bloody-mawed and reaching. this book is trying to be a horror novel still, but with defanged zombies. oh, there is still violence, there is still bloodshed. in fact - that is what this author is particularly good at: the gross-out. in both books, there was all kinds of bodily fluids and stenches and detailed descriptions of the breakdown of the body and how bugs contribute to that etc etc. she's got a great sense of that. but the rest of it is just muddled.

i know i still have questions about things that happened in the book, but already, it is quickly fading from my mind. maybe as a result of my preoccupation with school, or maybe because this was just a passing entertainment, nothing that is going to revolutionize the zombie genre (although it is certainly trying). it's october - read a zombie book or two, but maybe read a different one first.
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message 1: by Eh?Eh! (new)

Eh?Eh! Balls!!

karen haahahah all morning, i was grabbed by the balls!! now i get to go to work and get grabbed by different balls!! then back here for the original balls!!!


message 3: by Eh?Eh! (new)

Eh?Eh! Hah! You're certainly juggling all your balls in the air, so it probably tempts people to reach out and grab 'em!

karen why are my balls so popular?

message 5: by Eh?Eh! (new)

Eh?Eh! You've got the biggest balls of them all!

karen people are fighting over them!!! my balls!!!

this is the level of conversation of which i am capable today. thank you for indulging me.


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Eh?Eh! This is my normal conversational style! No indulgence here! Ballllllz!

karen (minetoo)

but i want the library-people to think i am elevated.

(is why i am reading zombie books)

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Eh?Eh! What if zombies ate balls instead? Baaaaaaaallllllllssssssss....

Do the library people know you on gr? How you're a brilliant RA with a sparkling and approachable charm that appeals to all manner of potential patrons???

karen they only know me for my balllllllllls

message 11: by Tonya (new)

Tonya Thank you Karen for taking the bullet and reading this to tell me I was right to fight my urges to pick up a 2nd in a series. I always do that with the excuse of "just picking it up to see if it gets better" then being mad I fooled myself.

Oh! I can't forget the Balls! I agree with Eh?Eh!; Zombies SHOULD eat balls too

karen i am still going to read the third one, though.i can't ever stop myself


message 13: by Jen (last edited Oct 21, 2011 06:10AM) (new)


Balls. You has them.

karen hhaahha i hate goodreads.com for not giving me this update!

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