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Dragon Keeper by Carole Wilkinson
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Oct 17, 2011

really liked it

Well the dragon keeper is about a dragon who could of guessed? A girl to she is a phesant and she works for a mean old man. She finds out will taking care of the dragons that she is a dragon keeper. This means she can talk and can understand the dragon. First off she is dazed and doesnt know why she is chosen. Thats when he tells her what she needs to know.
She figures out when they are flying that danzia needs to get to the ocean because he says "it has magical powers to help dragons." So they head of with there journey. Danzia talks alot.. But he is very wise and teaches ping lots of stuff about life and the world. So there going to the ocean with a dragon ping and a rat. They go over many obstacles. Have to read book to see if they make it.
Well the closest thing to flying is a air plane and thats fun. But to fly on a dragon would be even better.
I liked the book it was a book you never want to but down. The best part of the book iw when Danzia dives from the clouds and lands into the lake, to make it rain but then ping cant find him.....
My least favorite part is when ping gets captured by the emporer because thats when it gets really boring nothing happens for like a chapter. But i wish they would make a second book, it would be even better.
I would recommend this book who likes adventure. There is usally always action. This book is a goodread.

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message 1: by Cole (new)

Cole Fairbanks sounds like a good book. I will have to read it someday

Martha Elena Im reading it right now it is very good beast aseome reading peace.

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