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Guide to Optimum Health by Andrew Weil
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Oct 17, 2011

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Dr. Andrew Weil is a long-time favorite of mine. I grew up reading his articles and books, so this was the first time I got a chance to hear his voice, and it was great -- He speaks as if you're in conversation with him; it doesn't sound scripted so you are able to pay attention to every word.

The three major highlights of this audio course, for me:
1. He talks about the various forms of 'alternative' (western) medicine and advises on correct dosage and form to buy. He also goes over some specific popular western medicines and declares some of them to be fairly useless, for reasons x,y,z. For example, gingko -- not shown to increase oxygen flow to the brain UNLESS you have poor circulation there in the first place. Who knew!?

2. Some examples and case studies he provides are particularly interesting. In the last cd he talks about energy. He says that in a demonstration once, people partnered up, hand-in-hand and one (the sender) had to silently push energy out of either the right or left hand, while the other (receiver) had to guess/sense/feel which hand was sending the energy. After 10 minutes he said there was something like an 80% success rate. Pretty cool.

3. He strongly believes that the patient should be empowered to understand how to heal him/herself. Recognizing that we are in a society whose people do not truly have access to integrated medicine, he calls upon us to individually educate ourselves and take it to then educate our physician. Or else, just take a little control of the situation. For example, if you're getting a surgical procedure done, you could find out a way to get a meditation cd to play as you are under anesthetic, that repeats how you will heal quickly with little pain, or something along those lines. In other words, you bring what you want to "integrate" into any conventional treatment you may be going through.

Ultimately, Weil is one of the best because he does not discredit any method of healing merely for its source; he relies on EXPERIENCE as well as "scientific proof" and research studies. But his experience always wins to any published research or lack thereof. This leads to his acknowledgement of many different traditional medicines and healing methods around the world, along with his equal disregard for some of the same. This why he is a credible source, in my opinion.

Of course there is a lot to get into and a lot of knowledge to purge onto a few cds, but just to keep in mind -- This is mostly a course on nutrition, general lifestyle and basic western alternative medicine. There are a few East-West integrated medicine components, and Ayrevedic and Chinese medicine are not really discussed in any detail.

If you're just getting into nutrition, I would absolutely recommend reading or listening to something by Dr. Andrew Weil, like this audiocd. He presents the information from a highly educated, conventional medicine background (his BS is in Botany and MD, both from Harvard). He has been in the field for decades, has traveled to a few continents extensively studying different practices, and he lives what he preaches. There is always something to be learned from Dr. Weil.
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