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The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
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Oct 17, 2011

it was amazing

1) Picture Book-Controlled Vocabulary

2) Sally and her brother sit alone in their home until a cat entered the house and turned their boring day upside down. The Cat in the Hat brought tons of chaos, but at the end of the day, Sally and her brother experienced more chaos and excitement in one day than one would in a lifetime.

3a) The use of color; Interest level

3b) The use of blue, red, white, and black mixed in many different ways is very interesting. Even though there are only four colors, they are mixed in a variety of ways to make different shades. From the beginning of the book, the reader would be interested by the way the words are laid out on the page and how the pictures surround the text.

3c) Page 20 and 21 show how the use of color and how the use of the picture and text layout work well together. After Cat stands on the ball and holds all different objects on the previous page, Cat slips off the ball and this is when all of his items surround the two pages and all color combinations like light blue and light red/pink are used. It’s a very creative way to keep the reader’s attention.

4) Believe it or not, I would use this for a science “fun” lesson which asks “have you ever gotten into a sticky situation?” just like the children did in the story. While learning about combining materials, the students will end up making a sticky substance.

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message 1: by Sue (new)

Sue Funny idea for using with students. Interesting observations about color.

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