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Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw
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Oct 17, 2011

it was amazing

That is a beautifully written play. I have watched this play recently in the theater, and I thought it was magnificent. Eliza was simply adorable and Henry Higgins made me laugh so hard. I will not spoil the book by blabbering about its content and the flow of events, but I just wanted to comment and give my opinion about the ending. I love endings like the one in this story. It is like the author is giving you the chance to create your own ending, thus letting you develop your imagination. I used to find such endings a nuisance, irritating, especially if I happened to be deeply absorbed with the book. I believe if it were to the author, George Bernard Shaw, I think the book would've ended with Ms. Doolittle not marrying Mr.Higgins. But as a woman who loves happy endings in love stories and sincerely believes that love conquers all and there are still "real men" in this world ( & since happy endings in reality are so rare!), I do think that the book would've ended with Ms.Doolittle marrying Mr.Higgins. But I think if it did end happily and oh-so-unrealistically, the whole point of the story and the evident inequality between people during those days wouldn't have not been clearly seen and understood. And,let us not forget: what were the chances of a gentleman marrying a flower lady during those days? Let us just say very low.
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George Bernard Shaw
“I sold flowers. I didn't sell myself. Now you've made a lady of me I'm not fit to sell anything else.”
George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion

George Bernard Shaw
“You know well I couldn't bear to live with a low common man after you two; and it's wicked and cruel of you to insult me by pretending I could.”
George Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion

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