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Death Note, Vol. 3 by Tsugumi Ohba
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Oct 17, 2011

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Death Note books 3-12
The first few books of Death Note are by far the best Manga books I’ve ever read. The structure of these amazing Manga happen to be the best I’ve witnessed. The art Takeshi Obata did was very intricate and intriguing. It never failed to amaze me how detailed his talent at drawing could get. He did a great job at imagining and drawing up the Shinigami world, and the Shinigami themselves.
What I liked most about this series were the surprises Tsugumi Ohba came up with for the story. What I was trying to register in my mind is: “How could such a good story even be thought of?” The way light was held in confinement with Misa, and how he lost his memory of Rem, Ryuk, and the Death Note itself was very interesting, because he even begins to think that he WAS actually Kira at one point. These parts of the story lead up to my favorite part of the series, the part when Light gained his memory of the Death Note, before Rem kills L.
Here is the thing, they had a good start in my opinion. But the last few were disappointing at the least. The fact that L died the way he did was vile. Light becomes a threat to everyone, and I start to develop a slight hatred for him. I began to hope that he would gain his common sense back. I did not want Light to lose, and I certainly did not want him to die. There was a lack of story and excitement at the end. The books after L died are where the story got a little dull.
There are some things I disliked about the last few Death Notes. There was lack of story and excitement. After these last few books I changed my mind, I thought, “How could such a good story be destroyed like this?” I think that if Tsugumi Ohba were to continue the story a little bit more, without having to drag everything along like he did with Near and Mellow, it might’ve been a better story. I was very upset that I felt no excitement in the end; it was too predictable! Why would you let such a masterpiece go like that? It’s almost like he got bored of writing them, like he was rushed into making more. Despite the horrible last few books, I would have to say it did hold a good ending to the series.
All in all, these books were good, and the ending, I’d have to say was perfect for the series. I do recommend these books to someone who has read Manga before. If you have never read a Manga in your life, I would not start with these, they may confuse you. These are advanced Manga’s, only meant for those who have experienced the world of Japanese comics before.

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