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The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice
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Jun 20, 12

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Oh Lestat de Lioncourt, how can you be this rebel,
how dare you create such trouble while not giving a single thought to your actions.

This is the second book on The Vampire Chronicles, and it is time for Lestat to tell his story. It starts in the year 1984 if my mind is not playing tricks on me,

(wow, i just realized that i was reading this book at the same time with the book 1984. Isn't that weird? book set in 1984 while i was reading 1984... no?... but... are you sure?... not even a little?... well i... whatever, i think it's interesting :P)

and Lestat has become a rockstar in a band called precisely "The Vampire Lestat". This idea of a vampire becoming a rockstar seems a bit ridiculous to me at the beginning because during all the time in Interview with the Vampire they were saying Lestat was very handsome and crazy, so to define him later as an actual rockstar seemed a bit of a tool to trick people into thinking he's way cooler than he actually is, it didn't seem like a good idea to me.

I couldn't help but imagine him on stage playing guitar and being stalked by millions of fans while, in his nature, he's supposed to be killing to feed, not just being cool and famous and... rockstar... (at this point it wouldn't have surprise me if he started to "sparkle" :S) And he actually sings, he goes onstage and starts singing things like "I'm a vampire, and I'll suck your blood" and other things.

So I didn't like that, but luckily this didn't appear much in the book because for almost the entirety of the book Lestat was writing his story. Basically after the interview with Louis, the boy interviewer published the interview as a book which became a best seller, but everybody thought it was a work of fiction not a real thing.

Lestat came across this book when he met the guys of the band and wanted to join them, he went to them and told them he was Lestat and got very surprised to realize that they already knew his name. They thought it was really awesome that he came to them and told them he was Lestat from the book interview instead of other famous vampires like Dracula for example. So He read greedily the book and thought he needed to tell his own story, so he typed it all from the beginning when he was turned into one of the damned creatures.

His story was really interesting, it covered way too many details of many things, hence the book is long. I really liked especially when other vampires told him a bit of their back story, more specifically Marius.

Marius is a very old vampire, he is the vampire who created Armand, and his story is so damn interesting, i wish i could read more about him. Since he is a very old vampire, his beginnings come from a very old age and you see historical facts here of ancient history, it's really fantastic!! All the chapters about Marius are my favorite parts of the book.

In this part he also covered the way vampires started to exist in this world, Marius was not one of the first vampires but he sure knows which 2 were the first ones to appear and they are called The Father and The Mother. Oh, i so enjoyed this part of the story, the whole book was worth it just for this part!

I also like so much all the philosophy it contains about death, life, existence, love, immortality, etc. Anne Rice is a great author, her prose is gorgeous, the descriptions are beautiful, but i can't bring myself to really love her books, sometimes i feel like they drag way too much and i feel the pace so slow and that makes me stop enjoying the story for a greater part of the book.

At the ending (view spoiler) and that leaves you in a sort of cliffhanger. SOOOO, we're in for great adventure for the next book, The Queen of the Damned, apparently.
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