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Bloody Little Secrets by Karly Kirkpatrick
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Apr 27, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: 2011-reads, kindle
Read from October 16 to 17, 2011

I had trouble getting into this book when I first started reading I actually fell asleep within the first couple of pages because I had no clue where the story was going, and when Vicky was talking about breaking out of a coffin and dirt fell in and she saw where she was with the moon light coming in all I was thinking was "really I thought graves where pretty deep so that is pretty amazing that she saw moonlight." But then she broke out of the coffin and she was saying that she had to climb out of the hole because they didn't finish burying her casket I was thinking then why the hell did you have to break out when there is only a little bit of dirt on the casket because I am pretty sure caskets don't have locks and then she goes and uses her heels to climb out of the hole by digging the heel into the side of the wall and they support her weight REALLY!? Come-on now! Other then those issues I had in the beginning the rest is actually really good and everything gets explained eventually as to who and why she was turned and how her death actually happened which I find kinda funny. I really liked the chemistry between Vicky and Drake and they were just so cute and subtle about their affection towards eachother, and I have to say Drake was kinda very understanding about her being a vampire he just kinda was like ok with a shrug. I loved the way Vicky describes people scents like Drake smells like the finest chocolate in the world so she has to make sure she is well fed before she goes anywhere near him otherwise he'd be a goner.
One of my favorite lines is in the beginning when she first discovers she is a vampire and she is contemplating killing herself because she doesn't want to kill people so she first grabs a stick to stake herself but then decides against it and thinks she will sit out in the sun because in myths it would kill vampires; so here it is:
" I could just sit here as the sun rises and crumble into nothing. I bet it would hurt, but at least I wouldn't be doing it to myself. I would just be letting nature take its course. Another vampire fact: vampires would definitely roast in the sunshine. But in one book I read, they sparkled. So either I would die a horrible death OR sparkle. I really hoped I didn't sparkle."
And after the sun came up:
"I sat up, opening both eyes and taking in the bright sunrise. I held my bare arm up to the sun. Nothing. I checked my legs, felt my face not even a sunburn. My skin appeared to be its same dark shade. Well, there goes that plan I guess. I looked down at my skin again. At least I wasn't sparkling. I might have had to stake myself if I was."
I loved it because that was my only issue with Twilight vampires don't sparkle! I'd recommend this book it is a pretty quick read depending on how fast you read might take you one night 2 tops.
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