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Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
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Dec 23, 2011

it was amazing
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i really loved this book after reading a lot of Angel books i was sure this book was going to have those love-triangles were the girl just make's the decisions based on who is like her.i really love how cynthia hand made a different story that was different than all th eother author's OBVOIUSLY trying to copy stephanie Meyer.this was just to my taste i read it in like three hours because i pretty much didn't put down the book even if i had to use the bathroom.(I literally took it to the bathroom with me).

Let's start with the charcters.i really adored Clara she was diiferent she wasn't weak for love and shit like all female charcters are with exception of a few.Clary fought really hard to get answers about her self and i adored her for that.(ADORTION IS NOT A GOOD THING, because i tried to be like her and i ended up with my fear of Clowns becoming wayyy more cary than a fear to a phobia). I warn you DO NOT TRY TO FOLLOW YOUR ROLE MODLE.Anyways so her is the think Cynthia described the charcters really good and i could connect with them and contrast them with my real life.

Tucker.What should we do with you? Okay so i could really feel him and why he liked Clara.I wish it was from both tucker and clara's POVs but this will make due.i really like how she like Christian at first but started to like Tucker and relize that she loved tucker not christian she was just bound to him.And what was really good was how this book left me hanging at the end.I hate books with cliffhanger but this was not a bad cliffhangers because there aren't that much questions that you are wondering about.

I really like how Cynthia surprised us by making christian a angle because no one thought that was coming up.When i was reading this book i would scream Oh my fucking god every three seconds because somthing i thought wasn't gonna come up just came up.There were so may surprises good one's by the way.Any ways so after i finished the book I pretty much lost my voice.At the end of the book i was like HOLY SHIT she can feeel what ppl feel hehehee.

I think she was really brave for saving Tucker instead of Christian(even thought Christian didn't really need saving)Anyways i would sooo pick Tucker over Chritian anytime anywhere anyhow even if You try to hypnothise me which you CAN"T DO!!!!! so i love tucker and that is it simple tucker tucker come to me babbbbbbbyyy(maybe i am being To obsseesed hehehe)anyways it is totals bullshit that i have to wait about a year to read the next book gurll you beeter hurray up that relase date for Hallowed **GRINS EVILY** i got it i am going to write a death note to her if she dosen't move up that relaese date.JK but is still considering her options.anywasy i have something to tell you,

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