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Dark Lies by Vivi Anna
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Oct 18, 11

Read in October, 2011

This is a cool book. If you're into thriller + romance and steamy.. stuffs :D this is the book for you.
Here's a few things I didn't like about the book, but it's just personal stuffs really and I don't expect it to be the same for anyone else.
I didn't like how the female main character, Tala was into the whole crime thing just for the thrill of it. (well it wasn't just for the thrill of it, but it really just seemed that way) I guess I prefer vigilante who works for the love of people rather than the chase.
I didn't like how blood turned them on. Well, wasn't really just the blood but it seemed to have heightened their lust. I guess I'm not really into the whole blood thing and is probably the reason why I always prefer shape-shifters over vampires. As I said, this is all just a personal thing :)
The main female character wasn't really my thing. I'm a bit of a shy person myself and I definitely don't have a high pride thing going on, so I guess I always prefer books with main female characters like that. 'cause you know, it's nice to feel related and think that I'm in a book :D haha
If anyone's the same as me and want to know a bit about the main character before indulging, here's a brief description of the female character.
She's very straight forward, high in pride, loves to be of help but also wants to keep distance from people. She's not talkative but she's not afraid to fight back and argue when needed. She has green eyes which is mentioned a couple of times throughout the book. She's active and is a good runner.
Other things that annoyed me are minor things. Such as, drug being found in teddy bear. Yeah... drug dealers SMUGGLE drugs inside teddy bears, but normal people don't normally hide drugs in difficult to access places like that. What did she do? Open the teddy bear, put it inside and sew it back up to use later by tearing open the bear again?
I don't really get ghosts in this book either. Normal people don't become ghosts I guess, since that would've made the crime very easy. But seriously? Lyra can talk to her grandmother, who is apparently strong enough haunt people (giving Jace nightmares etc) talk about people's future and all, but doesn't do anything else to help solve a crime..
The picture of the vampire a DECADE ago being found was also quite ridiculous. Has the author seen the pictures back in the 1890? It’s not very clear is it? Has the author also looked up ‘look alike’ on google? Because there are thousands, no millions, of pictures of people who look alike one another. A police officer looking like someone a decade ago is hardly news material… well I guess it is since the world is quiet screwed up nowadays.
Also, why is the vampire guy going out with that woman, treating her like a goddess (according to jace) when she’s not immortal? So is she like your, once in a life time, fling? If she is, not cool man…
The most annoying thing was the reference to science. Lyra said the enemy can be a demon and Jace said that it can’t be and that their existence was ‘purely scientific’. Paranormal is not supposed to be scientific. Seeing things that are not in the electromagnetic spectrum is NOT scientific. Being able to change bone structures within hours is NOT scientific Sucking blood and getting sufficient enough nutrients to live a long life is NOT scientific! As a scientist, I’m offended at the lack of science in all of these claims. I guess it’s sorta all good. If they didn’t mention it! Roar! I don’t know…
But as I've said, this is a good book and if you like thriller, crime investigation and paranormal romance, this is the perfect book for you!

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