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Linchpin by Seth Godin
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Oct 16, 11

Read from October 15 to 16, 2011

I certainly enjoyed reading it. It is mostly like an inspirational book encouraging you to be unique. I think it is really good advice. However, I suspect if you are reading this book, you probably already have the basic idea: be a seeker, be daring, look for ideas that stand out, don't be afraid. It points out how our culture trains us for conformity and restraint, and how this fits with the lizard brain.

We know that the world is changing, and just as Dan Pink writes, there will be a greater demand for artistic, creative people. I have pointed out in my own books that knowledge work (people who think for a living) is on the rise. Linchpin resonates with all this, by offering encouragement to be creative, and how this will make you indispensable. Seth Godin teaches that you must become an artist. Even if you don't normally think of your work as art, you really should. Art can be anything that makes a difference, even a receptionist can be an artist.

Art, however, may not fit directly with traditional work for hire concepts taught in school. True art is given away, and his chapter on the Powerful Culture of Gifts will certainly ring true, especially to anyone reading here on Goodreads. Every Goodreads review is a gift. Why do people do it? Because so many of us realize that while one could never hope to be compensated for something as trivial and unimportant as a book review, at the same time we gain something by the giving of this gift, that can not be bought. The book is a contemplation on the meaning of this.

I said I enjoyed the book, and it is a nice read. However it gets 3 stars because I did not feel that it left me with profound insights the way that the book "Tribes" did. "Linchpin" is encouraging the way a deck of those inspirational cards can be. And it does more than that, because it gives hints on how to do this better, along with how to understand what it is that is going on.

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