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Summer Knight by Jim Butcher
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Oct 15, 2011

really liked it
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All the while I was reading the other three books, Ágústa (my friend who recommended them) went something like: "HURRY UP! YOU HAVE TO GET TO SUMMER KNIGHT! THAT'S WHEN IT GETS REALLY GOOD!" and well.. She was right.

The last books was spent building up to this one. This is the one where shit goes down. Dresden must suffer the repercussions for his actions at the end of the book, both in the shape of a hearing in front of the Wizard council, but also emotionally. It's really quite the interesting set up. Suddenly by a trick of, not fate, but faery power (or manipulation), he finds himself immersed deeply into the affairs of the fae. Beautiful, but highly dangerous creatures you'd do best to stay away from. Far, far away from. So of course Dresden can do no such thing. Some of it is due to him being an ass when he was younger, and being indebted to one particular faery, Lea, who plays a rather large part in some of the earlier books. In this one Dresden finds himself free from his godmother, Lea, and indebted to someone far worse, none other than the Winter Queen, Mab. Who of course sends him on a mission (doing a 'favor'), that he'll have to complete in order to not only save himself, but also, as it happens, the world! Yay!

It also turns out his former lover, whom he thought he had killed (accidentally, mind you), is alive and his competitor. Let the fun and games begin!

Dresden has help from a few old friends, and most importantly, he FINALLY tells Murphy everything. Thank you, Harry, for finally figuring out that she's your FRIEND and that she'll be so much more helpful (and much less annoying) if she actually knows what's going on. That was one of my favourite parts of this book. Hopefully their friendship can be less dramatic and more friendly from now on.

This is probably the best book in the series. The world of the Fae is very interesting, so I'm glad this is not the last we'll see of it. If the stakes were high in the last book, they're even higher in this one, and though everything is resolved in the end, there are a lot of loose ends and questions left unanswered (such as WHO WAS YOUR MOTHER HARRY DRESDEN. TELL ME NOW!). It's definitely the book where Jim Butcher finally pulls it all together, just make it take off at an even crazier pace. And as much as it's the book where Jim really shines, it's also the book where Dresden finally finds his own footing, and comes to terms with what kind of person he wants to be. He has to make some difficult decisions, but in the end he's that much stronger for it, and much surer of himself.

I am looking forward to reading the next books, but a little break between them isn't bad either. And with Jim's love for repeating the plot of all the books in the next one, I'm not too worried I won't keep up.

I kid! I jest! (a little at least). It's a great series, and I have high hopes it'll not turn to shit along the way, because so far it's only gotten better and better.
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Shehreyar You think this is good? Wait until you get to Proven Guilty (7th or 8th book). And then Changes (12th book).

You. Will. Go. Absolutely. Bananas.

Kirstine I will look forward to those. And going bananas. Could only be fun! No, but I do love these books. Jim Butcher repeats himself a lot, but it's a small price to pay for the rest of it. I am hooked.

Shehreyar In first few Dreseden Files, the books have tenuous links to each other, but later on, it feels like you're reading a continuous story.

That's the great thing about Dresden. The deeper you go, the better it gets.

John Craft The summer knights name was a nice touch.

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