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Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
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Oct 15, 11

really liked it
Read in May, 2011

This is certainly one of those 'life changing' books. I like the idea of it, and I like the way they set it up. I really don't want to say a lot about it, because 1) I don't want to spoil too much and 2) I'd probably sound moronic ranting/raving about how great it is.
Still, I must point out this book isn't for everyone. After all, the main subject is suicide( along other things like teen drinking, self acceptance, etc.). It doesn't get graphic, and the way it's layed out doesn't make you really want to curl in the corner and cry for hours. Also, you probably won't like it if you've been to the place Hannah( the girl who killed herself)has been (aka, if you've been suicidal). I find a lot of people who have gone to that dark corner and back really find this book unrealistic because she didn't have 'enough motivation' or 'suicide isn't caused by reasons'. Still, that's their opinion. As someone who has dealt with things such as cutting, suicidal thoughts, and depression, I find this story highly likely. In fact, this story helped drag me out of my hole because I realized that Hannah had it worse than me.
Hannah is a pretty decent character. You either love or hate her. I started out hating her because all I could think was 'well, this is your life- turn it around!'. But then I grew to realize that Hannah really didn't know how to turn her life around, and that's what makes it so sad. Instead, she blames it on everyone else in an almost-childish mannor( of course, she is a teenager, so...). She's realistic in that way. Though not at all times I can say she's a three dimensional character( same goes with the main character, Clay), the author writes her well enought that you want to keep reading. And if you've already read the book, you can actually listen to the tapes on the book's website. Check it out!
(Sorry this review is short, I actually read it last year. But that probably says the book is memorable enough to come back, remember the basic idea, and then look it up to write a review on- though the review is pitifully small. Ha.)

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