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Sin Undone by Larissa Ione
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Oct 15, 2011

really liked it
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Of all things which might prove Larissa Ione is one hella talented author, the book Sin Undone does just that.

After finishing this book, I found myself having extremely interesting reactions to it, honestly. On the one hand, as far as a standard romance is concerned, I felt the novel absolutely does not hold water, most especially in comparison to its series predecessors. The romantic element between Sin and Con is a bit thin, in my opinion. I don't think that, strictly as a romance, Sin Undone is all that credible. This is largely because the romance gets somewhat lost in the undertow of the overall book.

However, this is not to say that Sin Undone isn't one freakin' amazing novel! Quite the contrary, truly. Even though the romance between the two main characters felt unseen more often than not, anything other than secondhand quality would have been a disservice to the book as a whole, and the series in its entirety. The fundamental plot-line of this novel was so intricate, so fascinating, so unbelievably high octane that reader entertainment is all but a guarantee. Despite the On-The-Run and Epic-Bad-Things-Happening aspects which fuel this story, the sheer impressive power contained within culminates with the story's resolution. The entire story arc, and subsequent climax and finalization were so cohesive and logically well done. Such sensible cohesion allowed the book's high-drama moments to seem a million times more believable, more realistic, and thus more enjoyable. Sin Undone proves that Ione was not grasping at straws in attempt to elongate her series, but rather was written in such a way as to conclude one series so that it might spearhead another.

The secondary cast of characters were almost, if not more, vital to the novel than the lead cast, if such can be believed.

Kar and Luc's storyline was probably one of the most interesting aspects to this novel. Early in the book, their appearance felt to be jarring, and seemingly out of place within the book's pacing. This couple's evolution, both in regards to their romantic story, as well as to the book's plot, was genius. In the few pages that exist of their on-page presence, Ione was able to guide her plot in the direction it required, as well permit this couple to be key to the story in a very unexpected way. Aside from loving this secondary story, I found the meshing of their set of circumstances with the fundamental plot exponentially satisfying, and impressive.

I once read one of the most dis-serviceable acts a reader could do to a currently-published series was to read it in immediate sequence. Frankly, I think this theory is crap. While I see the logic, that a series might become dulled as a result of perpetual reader-exposure, I think it's a mark of distinction for an author to create a series that manages to maintain reader interest, most especially if such is discovered in a back-to-back experience. Ione has proven me correct. I experienced the Demonica series in immediate order, and the fact that refreshing plots, diverse characters, and high quality remained a constant throughout the series, speaks volumes.

So! Fascinating characters with poignant personalities that appeared on-page, and off? Check. Brilliant world-building that held true to itself and all specific rules? Check. A genius blending of believably tender, romantic emotions with nitty-gritty, battle-hearty, realistic fight scenes and tension? Check. Beautiful execution of pacing, dialogue, and internal character perspective? Check, check, and check. If there is a deal-breaker fault to be found with Ione, I'm at a loss for its identity. Now, onward to her new series, and to the hope that the same good quality follows into the new world of the Lords of Deliverance.

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06/05/2012 page 48
12.0% "I'm so loving the external plot conflict, but I don't know if I'm going to be as invested emotionally with Sin and Con as a couple. Hmmm...we'll see!"
06/06/2012 page 224
56.0% "At the onset of this book, I wasn't buying the character couple of Sin and Con. But, ironically enough, I wasn't supposed to, considering Sin's nature, and I get that now. While not my favorite Demonica couple, they've definitely grown on me. And! The additional plot lines?! HOLY CRAP WOW!"
06/07/2012 page 294
74.0% "I am so fascinated by how Ione always manages to weave all her sideline plots in a book into one massive, cohesive story!"

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