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Buck Up, Suck Up . . . and Come Back When You Foul Up by James Carville
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Oct 27, 2011

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Caught my eye when I was looking for stuff on overcoming fear. Winning secrets from the War Room, yes! But seriously, the title?! Just say "fuck up," people. I know you can't because your publisher said so, but "foul up?" :P


Mostly obvious stuff, but had some interesting backstory on politics.


p. 38--the start of the chapter on kissing ass.
"Early in his career William Faulkner had a secure job at a local post office in Mississippi. He resign abruptly despite having no other employment prospects. When he reflected later on why he'd made such a rash move, he said, 'I refused to be at the beck and call of every son of a bitch who can afford a two-cent stamp.'"

Hell yeah! Go Faulkner! And then I read the next paragraph:

"Guess what? You ain't Faulkner."


Fuck you, book. (I can say that. I don't have publishers sanitizing my language and making me say "foul you" or some shit.)

It was actually this exchange that helped me decide not to take a highly lucrative job offer that I didn't really want. Booyah!

p. 62
"Contrast McClellan's pusillanimous attitude with one of the great attack-dog generals of all time: George S. Patton. As he led his Third Army toward Berlin in World War II, Patton received word from hi ssuperior, General Omar Bradley, that he was not to take the German city of Trier. Bradley reasoned that the city would take three divisions and Patton had only two, so he told Patton to hold off.

"But the hard-chargin Patton had already taken Trier. His reply to Bradley was classic: 'Have already taken city, do you want me to give it back?'"

Hell yeah! Gotta love Patton!

p. 108
Good communication:
- story: sympathetic protagonist, unsympathetic antagonist, conflict, drama, resolution.
- be brief
- be emotional
- be unique (could anyone reading your message immediately tell it was yours, not your opponent's?)
- be relevant (ex. Bush 41 "Annoy the media, reelect Bush" vs. Clinton running on the economy)
- repeat your message relentlessly


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