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Tweak by Nic Sheff
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Oct 19, 2008

really liked it
Recommended to Marianne by: Heather
Read in October, 2008

For some reaon, I love books about addiction. I think that if I were still pursuing a career in social work that that's where I would be.

Meth is something that is so prevalent in our society, but a drug that I know very little about. This book taught me a lot about how it feels to take Meth and how it has become so common among kids and other users. Having read Beautiful Boy first, I sort of knew the outcome of Nic's story so the element of surprise was gone but it did not in any way take away from this book. I was also afraid that the books would be written paralell to each other (his dads view/Nics view of the same event) but that was not the case. In fact, I dont think Nics father was really truly aware of the extent of Nics usage.

The story is haunting and very blunt. He does not mince words and tells everything like it is. There were a few parts that were difficult for me to read, mainly the abcess in his arm and how it felt to get cotton in the needle and then up his arm to his brain. I also could not believe the amount or the variety of the drugs he used. He did not discrimante. If it was available, he tried it.

I knew right away that his relationshp with Zelda was a bad idea and I was so glad when i read that his therapist had picked up on his relationship with Zelda being a reflection of his relationship with his Mom. I sort of picked up on that right away. I also felt that in the beginning of their relationship, when he was still sober, he basically traded one drug for another. The other being her.

I also wonder what finally makes an addict decide to open up and work the program. Nic had been to many rehab centres, had a solid long term sponsor and still wasn't ready to commit to sobriety until it was rehab or jail. Is it a combination of personality's or does it just take that one speical therapist to get to Nics core and help him with the true issues. I loved reading about the different therapies offered at his final rehab, especially the ones that focused on breathing and getting in touch with the physical side of emotions through Somatic Experiencing. What I also found very interesting was the abscence of any mention of the 12 steps in his rehab.
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79.17% "the part about cotton hitting his brain, yucky"
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Heather I read this book in the middle of the Twilight series, while I was waiting on Eclipse, I believe, to be available at library. It actually was 'good' enough to hold my attention during that time, if you can believe it! I thought it was a very captivating story! Glad you are liking it.

Amber what finally makes an addict open up and try recovery is when enough bad things happen to them, when they've been in pain long enough to try to change. They have to hit bottom. "familia there for comforting." The fear of change has to be outweighed by the pain of staying the same

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