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Beyond the Summerland by L.B. Graham
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Oct 14, 11

it was ok
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Abigail Whoa, man. Gotta ask: why only two stars??

Precentor I hated the ending that much. The rest of the book was "ok", but with that ending it went into my "never read again" pile, unfortunately.

Abigail I thought the ending was brilliant. Why did you not like it? I mean, I get why it might be upsetting but....?

Precentor I bonded with a character..went the full length...then had them killed off on the last few pages? And killed off without even a struggle? I mean *come on!* They didn't even try hard to live. >__< And then you find out there's a baby coming?

Seriously bad author taste, I felt.

Abigail Alright. I'll give you the bonding thing. :|

Precentor And I'm a total sap/glutton for happy endings.

Abigail Oh, see, and I am if they're there but I dig bittersweet endings too.... I like endings that make me cry, most of the time too :P

But I understand, if you are a happy-ending type of person, why you really wouldn't like that book. Can I tell you, though, that the ending of the series is BEAUTIFUL? And very happy?

Precentor I'm glad it least. :)

Abigail Heh. :] I must admit, though, it made me cry. The last book is great. I don't cry when I read, about 99.999999999% of the time, really.

So are you going to finish the series?

Precentor No way! I read book one and was so hacked I haven't even touched the other books.

Abigail Erk! *chokes*

Well, if you ever recover, make it to the ending. The rest of the series isn't like the first book, in that sense.

Precentor Alright, thanks for the recommendation :)

Abigail No problem ;) I just couldn't let you and your two stars stay like that with no explanation XD

Speaking of, then, what is your ideal ending for books, past the general word of "happy"?

Precentor I don't have one ending set in stone I demand, but for example if it's a fantasy book I want:The MC to be ALIVE(in his own body) and for him/her to have grown up and learned something.

In a contemporary I want character growth, usually emotional growth(because we all know how many people have jaded pasts..) and if applicable for the hero to get the girl.

In all fiction basically someone pat the hero on the back, make it all worthwhile :)

Abigail Heh. Well, good to know :] In fantasy, a lot of the time though I don't consider the "ending" to be until the end of the last book.

And now that I think of it, it's a good thing you're probably not going to read the Hunger Games. You would hate the ending! :P (I did too though...)

Robert Treskillard Precentor ... you need to think of book 1 as the prologue to the series. If you think of it in terms like that, you'd understand that L.B. was setting up the *real* main character of the series, which is Joraim's son.

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