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The Talking Eggs by Robert D. San Souci
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Format/Length: Picture book; 32 pages

Theme(s): Honesty, Kindness, Greed, Reward vs. punishment, Good vs. bad

Award(s): 1989 Caldecott Honor Book.


The watercolor filled pages in this book are amazing! The details bring the story and characters to life before the readers eyes. The story reminded me of fairy tales that I remember from childhood, especially that of the Cinderella- where her stepsisters and stepmother mistreat the central character Cinderella. In this story, Blanche is the main character who is mistreated by her greedy and mean mother and sister. The name Blanche, reminds me of the words boring and blank. They make her do all the household work. While walking through the woods, Blanche meets an elderly lady who brings her to her house in the woods. The lady tells Blanche not to laugh at the things she sees while there, which she never does once. Blanche listens to the things the lady tells her do, even the direction to take only the plain, white eyes that say "take me" and leave alone the beautiful, ornate eggs that say "don't take me". I like the talking eggs. It drew me into the story. These eggs turn into beautiful gifts, which Blanche's mother and sister want. Blanche was rewarded for her kindness and honesty. The greedy mother sends the daughter Rose to try and get the same gifts, but the they are surprised by what the eggs, who said "don't take me" turned in to...animals and bugs. I loved the ending! Blanche goes onto live a beautiful, wealthy life in the city where her mother and Rose wanted to live. Great book to use as a read aloud or to be a part of a classroom library for various grades.

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