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Enchanted by Alethea Kontis
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Real score: 3.5

Cute but dark at times, a complex story that weaved together several stories that marked and made my childhood and some enchanting characters of its own, Enchanted is lovely and fun, even if frustratingly convoluted sometimes and riddled with some plot holes and the fastest insta-love I've ever read bout.

My biggest problem with Enchanted was Sunday, the protagonist. For someone who has one heck of an interesting family and a very particular and fascinating ability, she is very bland and uninteresting, very Mary Sue when she fell in love and childish when her personality decided to make an appearance. But what frustrated me the most is that, even though a great deal of the novel is spent on her sharpening her abilities, (view spoiler). I absolutely loved her relationship with her brother Trix and, towards the end, the one she had with her father. But in a book about romance, you know there's something wrong when you prefer the relationships she had with the family members to the ones she has with the love interest. Speaking of which, I never fell for him either. I liked that he wasn't perfect, that there was a darkness about him, but he never felt real and I never connected those two sides of him.

The other problem I had with this book, aside from some plotholes, was how difficult it was to read sometimes. Generally, the writing was beautiful, but many times I found myself reading the same paragraph many times because I seriously couldn't understand what was going on. There were many occasions in which the writing became too convoluted and heavy, too poetic to get an idea of what was happening, of the character or the explanation for important plot points. What I didn't mind, however, was the way Kontis weaved together several different fairy tales and created a new and original one. Some readers might think that made the story too heavy or overly-complex, but I liked it and found myself really enjoying the parts where the story shifted into new territory or made references to other fairy tales.

Overall, Enchanted is a good book and I had a lot of fun with it. I don't regret reading it at all and I would definitely give anything else fairy tale-ish Kontis writes a chance.

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